The New You


No one is permitted to live as a beggar, for no reason should you crash out in the race, the man in you is only lacking the right vitamins to control situation. No situation is bigger than the thing on the inside.

I am of the school of the spirit that believes everyone can possess their possession. The world is too big for any to be crying, if the ground is socked then fly, with the numerous number of bird in the air they have been unable to occupy it.

Someone is holding Yours

Every time I see a human suffering beside me it obvious that his possession is in someone hands. The creator is just. If you refuse to take your portion someone else will beg for it. No wonder some have excesses they cannot control even in ministry.

Every Gift Has a Capacity

There is a portion of strength and capacity given to everyone gift. When someone gift is having more than assigned it began to mess up and lose grip. Are we going to blame such? Of course not, Why? Because you sold out the crowd assign to yours when you disperse your gift. Your crowd doesn’t have choice than to go elsewhere.

They are waiting for you

Look at me and hear me very well, your crowds are still waiting for you. At your emerging you see your crowd standing for you. Where was TECNO crowd before? But immediately TECNO shows up its crowd match out.

Don’t be afraid, unless you begin, unless you break the barrier of fear in you and enter into your gifting you will remain ever in the shadow of life. Just a mere story of your passing in this world.

It’s a Call for Responsibility

Responsibility is the strength of every master gifting you sees today. The bigger the responsibility the more the power of your gifting. Thousands of mistakes make a perfect gift. Don’t be afraid neither be discourage.

Note: If you want to make a perfect gift without responsibility you lose out in values

“If we all have to wait for perfect gift before starting the race none will be racing at all cos your vision must always be bigger than your gift for your gift must meet your vision in front. Note the day your gifts meet your vision and bypass it that’s the day you climb no more.”

The more you load responsibility in the area of your gifting the more your gifting expand in impact. It’s a hard work but its profitable. Don’t just seat and watch other manifesting engage yours too. Never allow any man to look down on you he too was once confused as you. Yoruba people says “Ekun mo omo re fun lomu omo olomo la n pe je” The lion knows how to feed her kids its someone else kids she kills. No one is happy at your lifting it’s by force you take your place in this life. That you kick start is already a competition and hatred to them ok. Encompass in responsibility is NEW YOU

Normal norms of Gifting

Mistakes: There is nothing new under the heaven in terms of mistakes but there might be something hidden in making mistakes. In mistakes you learnt from is power of boldness and foresight, you possess strange solutions to men problems because mistakes aren’t the same in life. What does that mean mistakes are tools that convey new development for a powerful impact. Come to think of it how Elbert can says a problem created at level one can only be solved at level two? A food for thought. Mistakes help you to explore your gifting which is called Potential. I mean Potential, they differ.

Difference between Potential and Gifting

Gifting is your natural ability, you grew with it, it’s just there, an internal expression of oneself while potential is your ability to explore your gifting, capacity, values, visions etc that extent is potential.

Am telling you the truth some people are operating at potential level not gifting. I will talk on Potential later. But right now your gifting is enough to bring food to your table and erase your name from middle class men.

Freedom: Oh yes I will speak the truth here though I will reserve part for the future as commanded. Please fight for freedom “There is no gifting that becomes a master that doesn’t have enough expression of freedom” quotes me anywhere. Huh I see a danger when men use the voice of mentorship and fathering to cub freedom. They said every Persian king must be thrown into the wilderness for survival and ofcourse if he survives you see a lion in front of you. He comes back with dozens of talent (You mean talent in freedom? Yes later I will explain) Even Jesus was left in the wilderness. It’s a kingdom principle; champions are birth forth with a freedom test. Authentic mentor and father understood my saying.


Until the world sees the new you by your gifting you remain as old as your name. Therefore define your new name by your gifting.

See you tomorrow on Wisdom for living. Share with friends

God bless.

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