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I believe anyone can impact this world. Bringing the world underneath your  will require a greater force not on the world but rather on yourself. Not all times is productivity measured by quantity. Sometimes a big thing can be compress into a small quantity. Either you will agree or not this world is under the influences of some powerful forces (Not spirits rather humans like you and I) that controls the output and the place is heading. These are human that have proving themselves to be worthy of hall of giants and champions.

It’s obvious the creator gave us all chances to make a decision either to lead or to be led. It all depends on how much responsibility you are willing to shoulder. If you are not ready to be responsible then you have just made a decision to be led by others for life. I refuse to be terrorize, to be undermine by any man, therefore I must persevere, work my way to the top via the forces that will be engage for propelling my dreams and goals to the desire height.

Leading Forces

In this our little world have seen the shadow of a man commanding the reality of another to bow. It makes no difference your level in life you can determine to rise and never to serve as a slave. You will agree with me a man whose presence makes you tell lie is a man that has a force you are scared of. Forces of human over another are as real as the very life.

Powering your Forces for Impact

No one is giving the chance to make a choice while coming to the world but all were given the chance to leave it differently. It unfortunate some will leave this world without any record of their appearance. All were born the same but grew to make different impact.

Your satisfaction: I must confess to you that the beginning of every landmark champion is located inside their insatiable nature for a mystical mystery that others found to be nothing. I remember when I was small my elder brother told me that no one is better of me or permitted to lead me in class it is because I accepted it. He said the best student in your class (JSS 1) then only knows what he read he said if I give him the mathematics of 200 levels (University) he will fail gallantly. That was the beginning of provoking spirit in me that my best student doesn’t know all but only JSS 1 mathematics. What he did to me what to expose my understanding beyond the scope of my current thinking and am telling you I rose from 52 in chemistry to 89 the third term. I could hardly answer any question asked by my teachers but after rigorous work from 1st Term that am getting low mark, third term I just discovered I could answer my teachers question, it was like a film honestly I was surprised, before I know what was going on am been counted among brilliant students I began to gain confidence alittle. Today am a programmer writing 5 languages because my brother installed a spirit of possibility and giants in me by equating brilliants student to me. He proved to me we all are the same.

The hunger in each man to make a difference is different. This kind of hunger has no respect to platform, either rich background or poor it makes no different. When men give up its not their strength that fails it’s their peak of satisfaction. To make an unbeatable impact you need to stretch your hunger beyond the limit of others. I must confess, this is the beginning of the race.

How to Increase your Satisfaction Level

  1. Exposure: Our exposure as a greater power in influencing our hunger for greatness. Generating a force for hunger, creating a new mindset etc demand of you to mingle with eagles not chickens. You can be like me that need no one to encourage because my brother as already intoxicate me for greatness since my little stage in life. A man at age 35 in one country with a million dollar might think is the best until he meet age 35 in another country with a billion dollar.
  2. Attitude: What a powerful tool for greatness. You must always position your attitude to learn. I knew I wasn’t brilliant in secondary school and I never deny it. I went to brilliant ones and told them I will be sitting with them. I felt somehow but it was only a matter of time before rising to their stand. Have an attitude to learn don’t be jealous or be envy of anyone success rather be happy.

Be Inquisitive: These have been one of the most intriguing forces have seen in champions. Champions don’t behave as robot, they ask question about things they don’t understand. No wonder they have been able to unveil the mysteries of the world, in which many have ascribe to God has the only one that knows about it. Let me share a mystery to you today, since the day God gave men this earth and command us to keep it every mystery yet to be known in this our world is not God that is keeping it we are the ones that have not work enough to unravel it.  Of all secrets God is keeping that of the world is not there. A proof of this is the bible, God wrote out secret kept for ages inside a book to reveal to us whatever we don’t understand.  Even though he does show his divine power on earth. I remember when men have not discover the mysteries behind onions peppering the face we ascribe it to God but lately it has been discovered it was the land that caused it. It’s a tradition of humans to ascribe what they don’t understand to divine beings never to take the responsibilities given us by God. Humans has never agree that this world is given them not some spirits.

Inner forces of Inquisitive Men

Creativity: It’s so devastating that it took time for the world at large to discover that creativity in a man can start expressing itself via questioning. It doesn’t mean the boy is stubborn rather something is trying to express itself inside him. Only God can say how much creativity has been killed by educational system in my country. Have seen too much of holes in education this days or maybe education has be misinterpreted by us.

Creativity /Education

Education: Is the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment.

Education: Is Facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally.

Creativity: means the quality or ability to create or invent something.

I want you to think deeply how this two relate with each other. This is not the day or the time to tell the world how much mistakes they are making. Unless education is redefine in the content of new creation via the impartation of old knowledge the pattern of education in the world will remain ever killing champions.

Talent/Gift: Sometimes these wonderful in born tools for impacting the world find it hard to express themselves due to platforms. A born gifted mechanical engineer might find it hard to get to the peak of his gifting due to platforms. Have said several time there is no best rather the known best. Messi is not the best footballer but the known one because there are plenty in my village better off him. Platform can limit a man’s impact and can make a man with little effort to look as the best.

Believe System: Men of impact are men rooted in their believe system. They possess an unshakable faith in what they are doing. Sooner or later will you men with weak believe system buying into it. I remember when I was small I use to ask crazy questions like why are they calling tree tree why not table? Funny! The source of your believe system has a lot to do in the power therein.

Sources of Believe System

Background: This has a power to block the height of thinking. And ofcouse you can’t determine the backgrd you will fall to at birth but I believe the creator allow leadership to neutralize the system to accommodate different backgrd. I look at boys in villages in my country and ask myself what will I do to make them see beyond this?

Education: To some they are just a replica of the man whose knowledge is the foundation of their course of study. Everything about them reflects that old man of 1930. Knowledge carries the weakness and strength of the original creator. His influence goes along with it. No wonder education has no creation inside its definition rather impart.

Platform: Platform can make a man thinks his position is an inheritance or birth right. No wonder princes lack manners seeing others as below to their status. Thanks to men who fought for us and decentralized this power. Have asked myself what if this men that fought for our freedom where just as cowards as some of us what will become of the world?

Challenges/Situation/Experiences: Let me say something here some believed unless you pass through the rigorous pains they experienced you result is not authentic. That’s the impact of challenges, events, experiences etc in the life of a man.

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