Age of Prophecy

Topic: Age of Prophecy

Text: 2pet 1:19

Song: Father of Life, draw me closer; Make my life whole again; Let me run the race of time…

I tell you brethren you don’t know what Jesus faced while fulfilling the mandate of his destiny both at home and outside. The emotional pressure and rejection, it wasn’t something funny even though it’s easy to seat back to abuse Apostle Peter for all his mistakes but the day you agree in your heart to move with the prophetic word spoken concerning you that’s the day you will recognize the battle for dominionship in humans especially if what you are doing has the capacity to outrun there’s. You therefore cannot afford to put your confidence in man am telling you failure is on your way. You must break out of any attachment to humans to breakforth. Criticism is part of my Christian race infact my spirit turns it to revelation because am prepared for the worst so joy unspeakable is within me. If you believe God has sent this words to you then please pay attention to every detail am sharing with you, it will do you good to know that prophecy separate men in destiny.

Prophecy separate Men

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou mightiest war a good warfare; 1tim1:18 KJV

We have also a sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts. 2pet1:19 KJV

I want you to be sensitive this morning because am too sure that God is going to impact the substance for your destiny exploit. The last day’s armies are not hungry men whose belly controls their passion and love. You must be highly rooted for you to uproot what the father has not planted in this generation. You need no man to encourage; you possess an enviable joy within.

Prophecy wait for no man, when it is released it goes on a race no wonder man that have made an impact, the prophetic word on them put them also in a race. Therefore every authentic prophecy put the receiver in a race; men must see you running a race. Common we have got some old legs in this race and God will cause them into jealousy. What do you think the Lord meant with the story of the 11th hour laborers? They aren’t qualify, they were nothing compare to men that started the work and the Lord said to me they are men with disabilities but will ride upon the wings of my grace and thanksgiving in their mouth is a major weapon. Am telling you we are that 11th hour laborers compare this generation to the Fathers of faith generation you will see a huge different. 1st July, 2016, Brother Kenneth E. Hagin came to me in a vision and said stop conventional messages and start the new ones, after he delivered the message the lord sent him I came out of the vision and straight away I knew God has began a new era and there will be difficulties because to shift men from what they are use to is highly hard. So it is not man that lunches you to destiny it is the prophetic word. Prophecy itself is craz and it takes a man with craz to believe it and run with it.

Song: You make away, you make away lord   x4 (Chorus)

By the hand of Moses you make away

By the hand of Elijah, fire came down from heaven

By the hand of Moses you parted the sea. (Chorus)


You need to fight for it

It is not free you must fight for it, you must engage it. None of the patriarchs knew God will compile a book called bible. It was an event in their life, they spoke according to the moves of the spirit never cross their mind that a book is coming in which God (I shout that) will authentified it as his words and doings. God honor them. They never knew. Do you believe God can use the events of your life and my life to provoke the next generation? Can you work so hard to qualify for such? Are you seeing God in the centeredness of your situation?

How to run with prophecy

Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of presbytery. 1tim 4:14 KJV

A man cannot see beyond his height and on whose shoulder you stand will determine the length of your vision. Ways of standing on shoulders of giants:

By seed sowing: You must learn how to sow seed into the life of the man you considered your giant on whose shoulder you want to stand. Seed sowing can be by finance, working under them as a servant, advancing their work by evangelizing what he/she is doing etc please take note to those points.

By Identifying with them: The devil knows you can’t be abusing my spiritual father and I will be looking at you, it is not possible. You must identify yourself to their ministry; people must know you with him or her. You can’t be ashamed of him and his anointing will work for you. Go and visit them if you have the chance and if not read their books, listen to their materials etc note: must not replace Bible.

How to receive Prophecy

There are only two people on this planet earth that can release prophetic word of destiny lunching and they are:

Spiritual Father: Have not receive a commandment from the Lord to teach on spiritual father but whoever you choose as your father or honor God in his life, you must pay attention to every words of his mouth because to you those words are prophecy ok.

God’s words: This remains the only authentic prophecy that can never be doubted. If God open your eye in his word and saw a future then pick up with it. We will talk about this later because this thing is getting long enough.

Till tomorrow stay bless. God bless

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