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The Beginning of Impact

Topic: The Beginning of Impact

Our world is filled up with men racing with each other, busy pursuing selfish ambition in the name of vision and goal. You will see the uneasiness in their pursuit, the gasping and haughtiness in their eye. Everyone is trying to make his work attractive and pleasant to the appraisal of men nothing but to rise to the stadium of life for undermining others. Our world setup fire on itself, we destroy ourselves with our hands, we lost the definition of life, we forgot the bonds of love now the day as turned to night no one could see each other.

Two kinds of man

The Users

Men that use others for their raising, they themselves never know because they are so filled up with their own ambition they are unconscious of the well being of others.

Features of this Man

Never transforms: True impact in life is seen in the life of those seen with you, what you have make of them. Am not talking of their testimony but the transformation, we have talkative these days, speakers etc they only use their environment as a platform to be known or get fame, they are more concern of what to engage their environment with than what to make their environment be. They are users, just interested in what they will become not what men will become through them.

Unjust: This set of man looks like they are fighting for the betterment of the community, they cry for situations at hand, they look so sincere but they are serpent they are only looking for the opportunity to get to the position, they cry to deceive others etc they accuse others better than them not because those ones are bad rather because they are jealous.

Unstable: They do not have the strength to withstand the pressure of suffering for others. They cannot defend their purpose in the heat of life.


The Builders

The stories of missionaries have always moved me, what will make a man leave his comfort zone and come to nearly animals in nature just to preach gospel? What kind of heart do this people possess? Builders become steps for others to rise they lay themselves as foundation to be hidden

Features of Builders

They are Planters: They plant men, they ensure they root them to the ground for stability before leaving them. Jesus meant a fierce mad man with devils, after rescuing the man he ensure the mindset of the man is restored back, he gave him a new mind. That’s builders’ nature.

They are time conscious: Jesus trained men for 3 and half years, these guys are of different backgrounds and yet no one could differentiate between them at the final product. People have stayed in church today for more than 10years they can’t write an article on Jesus or essay, in the name of training in so many churches today destinies are been wasted, who has problem? The poor member or the trainer? The church must agree they lack the transformation power of the kingdom, sweetheart if it’s my master (Jesus) that is your trainer you will be manifesting in power by now. If truly you are called to train men bring out the fruit worthy of your call, Or are you using them rather than building?

They are concern about the structure they are leaving behind: Jesus wept one day while trying to raise lazarus and a man of God gave us the revelation of Jesus weeping, He said Jesus never wept because of lazarus death or emotional commotion in the environment but that none of his disciples knowledge measures up to the task ahead of them, that mary and Martha who are his core followers and lovers still didn’t get it, my master Jesus boosted into tears out of frustration because these are people who will take over the work and at this point they lacked the understanding what’s the hope of the gospel. How many time has your trainer wept because of the state of your spiritual knowledge? And this is your 5th year of followership, it is well. We have big issues, we only have men haunting for greatness not you. Our own leaders say it is finish when they have gather cars and houses not for merging men together. You are not a trainer until you train men with different backgrounds and they behave the same.

Solomon the wisest man

True impactful life begins with the testimonies of people concerning your followers not your followers praising you. Nonsense!!! The queen of sheba saw the sitting of his servants, cupbearers, apparel etc there was no more spirit in her. 1kings10:1-8. True leadership is not known by their wealth, for the wealth belongs to servants while the wisdom belongs to the leader. That’s what the Lord told me.

Ye are salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost is savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is therefore good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden underfoot of men. Mat5:13

The oil flows from the head to the feet, the power of transformation is not in words or revelation you are sharing these are only the passage for the power rather is in the life you possess. If you don’t possess that seed you cannot reproduce yourself.

For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. John 17:19 KJV

The person speaking the truth is the first determinant of your transformation process if the truth his speaking have not yet transform him how can it transform you? Huh therefore a man can speak the truth/revelation and still lacks the transformation seed. The journey to wonderland has just began, my master is about to take his sheeps back, he will care for them with tender love not pampering… I love you all

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God bless.

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