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Mysteries in Males Creation (Relationship)

Topic: Mysteries in Males Creation (Relationship)

Note: This post is not to ridicule females nor negate their importance in our world but rather to help us to who we are dealing it.

Relationships issues are a major cause of problems in our world infact most death issues have one connection or the other to relationship. And if males stand to be the initiator of a reasonable relationship then the life wire of relationship is in their hands. Therefore male world needs proper healing for relationship to work.

Measuring qualities in Males

Indeed it’s a tug of war in measuring the qualities of a real man in our world from all perspective of life which none of us is privilege to possess makes it difficult to determine a real man or else we will bring in an orientation of comparing male to male which has always been a problem to our world. Note: Our world is fast changing and we cannot drag it back to the days of old.

Natures of Males

Please know this very well, there is no perfect man anywhere even Jesus to some he is not perfect lol but I know he is the perfect one. So it depends on what you are looking for.

Tiredness: Males are often tired of whatever they are doing too much, they derive happiness in winning and conquering. So these affect their faithfulness in whatever they do. If there is nothing to win or conquer again then they are likely to get tired or not interested.

Application to relationship (Females): It therefore important a female understand what makes a man to continue chasing her or derive happiness in the relationship is by never allowing him to discover all her essence (treasures). I told you I will teach you the treasure you have.

Taste: Male world like varieties a lot, changing taste, looking for another, exploring their world etc is in their blood. This nature is important to males because it helps in fighting for more and never gets defeated. They pant for more but its negative impact in relationship is cheating. Is not that males doesn’t know females has the same stuffs but that he just want to have the taste of another is the problem.

Application to relationship (Females): Be diversify in your presentation, let there be something new about you. It could be a touch of difference in appearance, speech, romance etc and it could be your posture or smile.

Dominionship: This is a huge nature in males that wires many things together. The truth is males grew up with an internal believe that they are above or born to lead. There is nothing called Equality in males world not even male to male. You see, motivational speakers are telling you lots of lies especially relationship people whenever it comes to equality of power between males and females. Males possess a heavy dominionship power that is running in their blood. Males are naturally competitors trying to crush these influence in males is what brought our world to this mess.

Application to relationship (Females): Females are natural influence in the internal organ of males. Am telling you females are powerful in controlling the forces in males. A male a female does not have an influence over is not your man. So am not expecting females competing with dominionship mandate in males rather influence it to benefit your world.

Freedom: I do not wish to expose some secret but a male does not go well with caging things. Freedom is the birthright of males. Trying to use anything in relationship to tie a male down is trying to fight his very essence. Every single force in him will fight back. This is what many parent cannot fight out in a 7years old male, they called it rebellion if the young boy resist. Tell me if a 7years old boy will not allow an overpowering force how much more a 30years old real man.

Application to relationship (Females): I don’t know which angle to hang this but for example: give him access to solid romance (married folks) while younger generation should have time to play and talk extensively. Somebody is asking me which type of play? I don’t know ask holyspirit or google lol (Just kidding, your too serious).

The Forces within: Has have said there are some forces in males  that are not explainable they varies in strength and power due to each task a male is sent to fulfill. Males are natural divine agent. Someone can sit in his room and claim superficial thing about males but I tell you the truth not a single man in this world as 30% understanding of the structures and forces in males. All this gender equality is a lie… Am not saying males are better than females rather there is a huge difference that equality in gender policy can never merge together. It will never merge them together not even male to male.

Application to relationship (Females): Take your time to study him especially when these within forces are troubling him take your time to get close to him and rob his head. It’s a grace in female, you will see the pressure fizzle out.

Sex: Haa the main issue, due to the blessing of the creator “for he said be fruitful and multiply” the two words control the thirst of males in reproduction. Females wonder what the problem of males is when it comes to sex, it’s something else. Today sex is a huge problem in our world and a great market to the devil because the church has kept quiet on the matter. I want to be careful in explaining this, with all the above natures of males do you think large percentage of males will adhere to a particular sexual position? I need everyone to please say something about this issue because it’s ruining lots of males from the inside. It’s a conflict battle and the devil knows what he is doing. Please logout from your Google account before commenting on this if you are shy but your comment about males asking for a particular sexual position is very important to us. Let solve this issue once and for all or atleast to a large extent.

Will continue this topic later because I have exceeded my length. Please share with friends on fb, whatApps and other social medias to spread this topic to the world at large. Thanks

God bless you.

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