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Masters of Elements


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When lions are sharing portions only a foolish goat will dare to ask for his portion, beggars eat crumbs while lions eat fresh. Whatever that makes a lion eat dead animal it’s a rare situation. Champions are never bowing at all times in all seasons because they are masters of the elements. Commanding the forces of the element is the greatest task of mankind.

Breaking the Bonds

In the world of champions, the arising of the sun is the birthing forth of a new champion, their birth is timing and timely. They break through the bonds that held others down, environmental condition is a gain, platform is only a mere talk, background is only training, and they possess the spirit of masters.

Signs of Masters

Timing: Masters are known by their skillfulness in time usage, delivering swiftly and speedily is the work of masters. The difference between a master and a servant is their ability in performing the same skill in different time interval. Swiftness is what emerge masters (iyera la fi mo ga). How much time will it require you to convince men of what you possess?Come on, add speed to your skills. Only men with light moves swiftly.

Confidence: It is as a result of the qualities in you that determines your level of confidence. Your boldness is only a reflection of what’s on the inside. They don’t sell it in the market. No motivational speaker can speak out confidence in you. When the things on the outside jumps on you the things on the inside is what jumps back. So what makes the things on the inside to respond effectively is the veracity of the strength of your values on the inside. If you are not sure of your values forget confidence. No soldier goes to war with an untested weapon or to be testing his weapon for the first time that will be suicide mission. You grow in confidence via various testing’s of your values at various point in time. Champions are not known by how powerful the weapons they carry rather how powerful they can turn the weapons in their hands.

Building Confidence

Training with Purpose: Is not the weapon that determine the soldiers the soldier determine its usage. You don’t need to rush out, take all the time to train yourself in the hidden, the outside world is full of combat and battles slightest mistake can take you out. Give yourself a quality training of whatever you want to become.

Note: To Christians there is no laying of hands that can give you confidence it will only project what you have. What you don’t know you cannot become. There is no shortcut in God. David has been killing beasts before confronting goliath. Wait what do you think gave David confidence to withstand the appearance of goliath?

Opportunity:  Masters of the elements are highly sensitive to opportunities. Due to the mastering of the elements they understood times of life. They could grasp opportunity at a stance.  Nothing wastes the life of a man like inability to smell opportunities around. You must be hyper sensitive to opportunities to be recognized as a champion in your field.

Trend:  Real masters don’t follow trend they create trend for others to follow. They are pathfinders. You have only two choices to lead or to be led. Responsibilities are the virtue of pathfinders. And I tell you only you can move the trend of your businesses in your field. You can change the output by making few changes in your input. Don’t forget it was a man like you that brought this world to this point, your steadfastness in what you are doing is powerful enough to provoke the things on the inside of you.

Creativity: Give all your best to creativity, though it takes time but have a huge reward. I personally don’t like copycat try to introduce something new to whatever you are doing. Just a touch will make a difference. Most time people don’t go well with new things, so they fight you for such and it will do you well to know it’s a sign of new thing.

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God bless

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