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The Man that can handle her

Topic: The Man that can handle her Part 1

Ofcourse the definition of manhood in our society is at it critical moment, the walls of male world is falling with all kinds of cripple information. But I believe no matter the damage the male world can still rise again. We have done it before we can do it again. Follow me into the secrets that build male world:

 The state of anonymity

Most components in male are hidden within the unknown forces, males are given a heavy task to identify himself before a particular time. Most males that pass this time without having an identity will fight the emotion of defeat throughout their life. Every single male you see out their needs help unfortunately males are good at keeping pressures within by portraying their mastery. Nothing kills male like internal pressures overtime.

Purpose of Relationship

One of the purposes of relationship is to ease the tension within. Unfortunately few females have learnt this skill successfully. A male that is unable to stabilize the forces within is unfit for you.

Forces within

I will only list few of these forces within:

The force of Imagination: Compare to female world the imagination power of males cannot be measure because it’s in relation with dominionship. Imagination is given male to locate the secret that holds his future. This secrete the force that provokes him to reach his goal, it carries a higher percentage of his actions etc  A male without a sound imagination power end up being frustrated, a female needs to be careful with a male that operate his dominionship power by breaking others strength. You are not safe… This simply means a real male rules by sharing his authority to earn others respect while the abnormal one rules by subjection either by force or breaking them, breaking means rendering you unfit to fight back mostly a state of no choice.

The uneasiness in a male sometimes is a conflict of emotional imbalance and infact he himself might be unable to explain what’s happening to him but he knows his having issue. The cause of this is unexecutable imagination in him which will lead to building up of pressures within him. The result of this unhandle pressure is sexual thirst of males, unethical responses/behavior, frustration etc The imagination of a man his is goal and vision. A vision that has not translated into an image in male can never be executed.

The Power of Thought: The thinking system of a male is mostly occupied with needs to meet because his thinking is wire with the commandment of “dress it and keep it” Gen 2:15 KJV. You hear people say his not thinking of the future. Huh huh males don’t think of future they imagine the future and use the power of thought to dress it and keep it. Males don’t use their thinking to think future they use it to develop strategies and ideas that will power their imagination on ground. If you see a man that is thinking of the future that’s a dreaming male (Laziness). Rapping is as a result of corrupt imagination, I said corrupt because every male will or must think about sex/romance even at the tender age of 12years old. I don’t think there is a male that never imagine sex. That’s why the devil fights males with images than what they hear. Males are rarely affected by what they hear rather what they see which is image that is cooked up from their imagination. You hear males say am having headache when he has exhausted his thinking on an unproductive imagination.

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually Gen 6:5 KJV

Haa lol whenever I listen to relationship speakers these days I laugh within me because they are teaching females how to recognize a real man by saying he must have vision, must be caring, must come to church etc those are least in determining a male world, i will never teach you if his saving or not am busy trimming the root of male world hello females the root of males problem lies within the jurisdiction of his nature. A male will sacrifice anything to reach his imagination, do you think you can use caring to measure a real man? Listen carefully males only cares for their imagination except you have formed an image of yourself in him forget caring. How to form an image in his heart which will provoke his thought towards you I will discuss later.

Am teaching you here the mighty forces within males that are beyond what a mere book can handle. There is no strategy in this world that a male cannot beat. Have told you equality doesn’t exist in male world. The only solution is to influence it but trying to equalize these forces huh it will not work.

It will not work

Dear you don’t know how much I wanted you to have beautiful relationship but let me tell you the truth all this don’t give him sex in relationship wait for marriage and so on and so forth isn’t a solution rather temporary. Go and ask people in marriage how their husband was behaving before marriage and how he suddenly turned to become the brother of the devil. Don’t have sex because you don’t want to sin to God or contact sexual transmitted diseases but if it’s because of knowing the right man haaa you might be mistaking. The heart of a man is deep who can know it.

The Panting For Missing Core

There is a missing core in man and that core is God. I tell you every male must be return back to God before he can begin a meaningful journey in life. President of nation can’t control himself, male professors are sleeping around like dogs how much more a male in his 20’s lol we must be joking. Every male is a God’s agent on earth, they carry God’s seal of authority their problem is beyond education.

In your search for a real man a female must understand the Godhead. A male that will give you rest of mind in relationship and marriage will build edges and oil for neutralizing these forces.

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God bless.

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