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Turn the Stones to Gold

Topic: Turn the Stones to Gold

Whenever there is a noise in a class it’s either the class captain or class teacher is not available, and this morning the captain in you is coming forth.

The british are coal miners and yet filled their museums with Gold, Americans aren’t a major oil producing nation yet got reserve huh how on earth do they leave others behind?


The Night Walkers

The night is for drunkards and for sleepers and yet the sammmeee night has birthforth giants, what makes the difference is always an extra in effort, diligence, excellent nature etc If Tyson gay ever knew bolt was preparing heavily in the hidden maybe he would have use the period of his injury to capture that few seconds bolt used to lead, he never knew it was a time to determine the newest in champ in the world. The night stands to be one of the most critical moments to overtake/outrun others.

The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting; but the substance of a diligent man is precious. Prov 12:27 KJV

The Nature of Losers

Not Cultivator: A man that never grows, never plant, never nurture or try to stir soil. He only takes a finish produce, an hunter that kills all without leaving the mother to produce another, he takes both mother and the children, never will he imagine how others are doing it, a dustbin for other nation etc

Not a Replicator: If an animal can be train to understand the words of human how much more a nation. He doesn’t know and yet never knew. I told a friend “the white men will soon eradicate programmers in Africa, he asked how? I said they are removing the stress (the knowhow) that will impact our brain to go deep in knowledge” Champs are researcher, they give no sleep to their eye to discover what others will be sleeping with.

Not Preserver: Even if you give him his birthright he can’t maintain it because he lacks the skills, priorities, and values to sustain it. He can’t turn his little to plenty, there is no little that cannot be plenty.

Know Your Beginning

For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver and for wood brass, and for stones iron…. Isa 60:17 KJV

What a just God, no one will have any reason to question him for anything. He said if you bring brass I will bring you gold he is not a magician and yet a miracle working God doing as it please him but note everyone of us belong to this verse.

What you Possess

Everyone no matter how bad your situation in life is has two natural gift from the creator.

  1. The Gift of Stones The Gift of Wood

The Process of Conversion

The gift of stones: I told you in one of my post a great soldier is not the one with great weapon rather the one that can make his weapon great. Where you are is not the problem rather you cannot see where you belong.

And Jacob said unto his brethren, gather stones, and they took stones and made an heap and they did eat there upon the heap. Gen 31:46 KJV

This same Jacob made pillow out of stones and now using stones to eat. Well we can decide to turn the head of the bible to anointing and miracles but let me tell you one thing in the kingdom of God will live by instructions and principles. No nation rise without this two in place, if God stopped manner when the children of Israelite got to a land where they can cultivate be sure he has rules.

Heap: A collection of things laid in a body to form an elevation. This simply means change yourself into servant, if you don’t have anything you have your life that can be use to serve others, become a stepping stone for others to climb huh your energy will be sap, your flesh will sweat but has they step on you you acquire different skills at which men rises in life. That you see and behold become the things on the inside, a force that no men can stop because you paid the price. One of our greatest scientists was an apprentice… When life turns harshness to you become an heap of stones.

The people love the stones in her walls…Psa 102:14 KJV. They will love it because it’s a varieties of skills learnt overtime.

The gift of wood: A substance making up the central part of the trunk and breaches of a tree.

Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. Gen6:14 KJV


A Protection: If you cannot serve because you lack strength then possess features at which others can entrust things into your hands. Become a bank where people can refer others to you to safe things.

A room: Learn to encourage others, be the man they will think of when they are in trouble, and make a room for accommodating people. My friend it will only take time before you realize that you have made a room for the next President.

Champs are made all were born, decision is a tool of greatness and action is a proof of greatness in you. Start today.

God bless.

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