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The Winning Spirit

Topic: The Winning Spirit

It takes the roaring of a lion to prove his presence, no kingdom dominates by dialogue, and it takes force to advance in life. That you have no shoes shouldn’t crush your spirit and downcast you to a beggar.

There is more, the power of the spirit to fight back even at your appearance men like you dissolve at the blazing fire in your eye. All I knew and train for is how to combat and conquer. Get up soldier and follow me in the ways of champions.


The inner drive

And I screamed with the voice from the voices within thou soldier wakeup let thy light shine from the rising of the sun to the rising of the moon. To those who know me I have never needed an encouragement from any soul underneath or in this world, am always powered to challenge and to win. Come on wake up and be intoxicated with the imagination of your future, maintain the fire within for bobbling and blazing appearance, does who pet you now are does who will abuse you latter.

Forces to Conquer

Fear: When you are face to face to a wolf do you think a mere talk will scare a wolf? Listen the madness of a mad man will never make him to sleep on highway, if the devil inside of him knows what highway is then fear has only one antidote destruction. It’s either it move or you move it, you don’t need encouragement for fear you need empowerment. I don’t encourage people saying hay sorry ooo things like that I empower you to enforce your liberty. The righteous shall be bold has lion.

Death: Death is a gain to warrior an honor to champions but our legacy remains unbeatable. The death of a warrior or champion is when his legacy dies, we are more concern of what we are leaving behind after departure. Never be afraid of death let your vision be terrifying death himself, strengthen your arms and feeble kneels and fight back for your destiny. Of all words and statement my unborn kids will hear from me am sorry I fail will never be there. If my kid meet me alive there is only one possible thing am a victor.

The Power Needed

Power of Sight: It’s all about what you are seeing from the inside of you too many people are control from the outside, be rooted in what you see let the romance of it fill your heart build a edge of walls around it that stabilize you at all times even when friends desert you. Derive energy, love from the pictures within, care for it and pay attention to it.

Power of Focus: It’s not in the number of hours or years rather in the intensity and magnitude of focus you give your life. If your relationship is not in support of your destiny tear it off, if you are not ready to move I move you out of my life. What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? Anyone that wants to leave let them leaves and never have a felt of their loss. That a lion is startled does it call for all to start encouraging him? Prepare ye a future for your generation make a straighten pathway for them, be focus.

The Power of Cost: Great destiny isn’t cheap it’s a haaarrd work the ways of warriors are not the ways of cowards be a leader by walking out of the crowd not among the crowd. Be ready to take up the cost for your goal and vision in life. You can’t pay the cost and not get the reward it’s in possible. It’s gonna be tough but there is a daylight coming forth.

Harness the inner energy

If the energy of the sun can literally turns out fire by concentrating the energy at a particular angle how much more the energy of the spirit of a man. You must see beyond what others are seeing you have the reason to prove why you are on earth, the decision to be free or be a slave is yours to decide. But one thing I know clay cannot produce gold neither an eagle a chicken, a lion for lion a goat for goat. Lastly let your strength be light to move fast and yet be concentrated for impact.

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