Words like flames

Topic: Words like flames

Nothing should hold a man back from his future the river to cross is not the fear but the man cannot see the reason why to cross the river, what every man needs is a provoking inspiration to get done what needs to be done.

A thousand men with coarse energy cannot produce result yet one man with a refined energy can turn the atmosphere into dusts. It’s not in quantity or evidential certificate productivity is a measure of strength of imagination and sound thoughtful life. Am sure you know education empowers but truth is the power of liberal spirit come on am not just some kind of a man you have meant before. It takes a man that is liberated from the inside to liberate others, they share knowledge in schools I provoke liberty in you. No soul can liberate another without experiencing liberty power. Knowledge enfolds you truth liberate you. Truth can be perceived it’s an aroma an odor that overtook the atmosphere, your listeners can fill the power emanating within the explosion of your words. Knowledge does not liberate it only makes you aware of things around you but truth transforms you. No wonder a professor will still go ahead and sleep with his students are you saying his not knowledgeable enough huh? But a man with liberal spirit can bring a literal fire in the eye of his listener without a touch, it will burn from within. Now give me ten minutes and I will replicate myself on the inside of your world, I will turn your world into flames of fire, the lion in you will jump out and roar. I am not an oratory neither a speaker am Joseph Sam the man on the inside.

A token of my preparation for 2017, have it and digest it as a meal with sweet odor.

God bless.

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