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Selling Your Stones

Topic: Selling Your Stones

Your ability to know the last thing in your hands can become the weapon of transformation of your status and it’s the power of influence. Bringing the world down to your feet is not the viability of tools at hand rather your ability to utilize the tool at hand. There is nothing a man of influence cannot turn into Gold. Look inward yourself and say I have something to turn to Gold.


Tools of Selling your Stones

Attitude: It carries the power of changing the focus and perspectives of men from what’s in your hand to what your hand can become. That gives them a hope of committing their gold into your hands replacing the stones. What’s in your hand is a gateway what you can become is the future (hope), it keeps the hope of men alive in you never to consider the poor stones in your hands that’s why bad attitudes does not destroy your status (Now) rather your future (hope).

Purpose: Before I can buy your stones or invest in you you should be able to tell me its usefulness to humanity especially its ability in moving with modern changes. And all you need is information about your stones (ideas), try to learn something new about it.

Presentation: This is highly important in your journey of getting gold. Our world has moved from expression by words to Digital representation of ideas, vision and goal. It amazes me to see people without any form of Digital representation of their ideas/stones. This will give you a leg above others. People don’t need to see your stones rather what you can make out of your stones. Believe me you don’t have to beg to make it, your digital representation of your stones put beauty into your work.

What to Expect

Am not giving you money making machine information ok it takes time to produce (it’s a seed) even ATM machines do say “please wait while your transaction is processing…” lol so true success takes time but we can compress/shorten this time.

Disappointment: Please don’t over spiritualize it, disappointment is part of success story huh but how to utilize it is what you need to know. It’s a prove you have loopholes in your work, it shows you a better way of doing it etc tell me how do you think I have all this information am posting online if have not actually passed through them? Have told you there is a difference between a man that read another man’s book to acquire knowledge and a man that pass through the experience in acquiring knowledge. Many times I cry during those days but now I possess wealth of knowledge that is so huge if people are drawing from me I will not bother. I have so much to write than am writing, that’s what you become when you pass through disappointment. Please get up for your ideas be proud of them for you have lost so much confidence.

Rejection: This is quite different from disappointment has it actually render your work useless. Imagine you just present 15hours labored project and it was rejected, you might burst into tears but yet it brings creativity if you are calm enough and stable you will see a pointer to where else it is needed.

Please try to begin to change the direction of your life to positive thinking about your stones because I believe in you.

God bless

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