The Failing Faith

Topic: The Failing Faith

Text: 1cor13:2

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have Faith, so that I could move mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. KJV

When faith appears territories are taking mountains moves, for there is none born of man that can threaten a man with the spirit of faith, it’s the spirit of the fathers that blocks the mouth of lions, that raised the dead that divided red sea huh it was that same spirit that entered into Esther that she dares the king wrath. If we aren’t getting the result is because the spirit isn’t present. Follow me into the world of Faith teaching not preaching:

Transference of Faith

The authentic biblical faith comes by transference of spirit it takes a man that has it to give it not just by knowledge that today’s church has turned it to. Knowledge is too weak to carry faith, It takes the man on the inside to provoke faith to work. The bible says faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God Rom10:17 KJV but didn’t say manifestation of faith is hearing. Is it everyone that went to school can practicalize what he heard? Go ask Nigerian engineering students.

  1. Samuel and Saul

The quietness of a lion does it change his status & authority? Saul never spoke a word concerning the mystery of the kingdom transferred to him why because speaking is only a channel of expressing/enforcing the power of faith faith can work without an audible voice.


This verse spoke of how Samuel loads up the spirit man of saul with understanding to enable the oil coming upon him to operate. And therefore the heart was given by God 1sam10:9

  1. Elijah and Elisha

Just the same pattern with Samuel did Elijah copied for Elisha for Elijah said when he sees him taken and both of them began to talk while working obviously Elijah was supplying understanding to Elisha spiritual cup and when that cup was filled the transference took place and Elisha screamed out what he saw not what he was taught, he saw the God of Elijah and ofcourse  that’s what he called upon at Jordan river. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.


Lesson learned

We need witness not talkative: It takes a man that has experienced it to give it. You will agree with me there is a difference between a lecturer that has experienced/practicalized what he is teaching from the one who has not. Simplicity in transference of knowledge is a sign of mastery. Please click on this joke to buttress my point.

Men with encounters: It’s not grammar they use to do ministry infact ministry is not revelational knowledge it’s an encounter. Many ministers are not baked, cooked, turned, and ready to be serving for meals. Only men with encounters can supply full understanding of faith teachings in Christianity.

Heart: Your heart is the centeredness of operation when the understanding is supplied by a skillful servant of the most high, that day you will know Faith is real. This set of men of God moves with a strange atmosphere that is touchable you will not fall you will be alive and sensitive yet lost in spirit. If you have never believed Jesus is real you have never met his servants.

Today’s message is more of teaching than preaching. Thanks

God bless

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