Act of Pen

…out of zebulun they that handle the pen of the writer Judges 5:14b KJV

…and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere 2cor2:14b AMP

It’s been a while the hotness and the power features of pen intrigue our world. It carries the power of thought & simplicity in transference of knowledge. Pen as no good if it does not provoke your thought and seat you down to cross check your perspective.

Men of Old

Mastery is seen in the act of Pen when the heart of men tends to speak of the future without no doubt it’s a matter of chances if your Pen will lead humanity to the future, Ofcourse that’s the goal of every act of Pen.

It been a while

Lol how funny it is to see a pot making fun of a basket will it go beyond her purpose? Will she do the work of a basket? Sometimes we meet in life to say hello, it’s been awhile is the words of appreciating each other responsibilities in life.

May I shake your hands?

Transference of knowledge & mysteries is done by words, paper or by signs yet they differs in acceptability of men’s opinion, thoughts provoking degrees, impact on human’s heart, speed, integrity etc The Pen has exceeded all other forms of communication.

Purpose of Pen Writers

We aren’t men looking for fame neither do the honor of men motivates us hunger cannot take the place of Pen neither death threatens us. We are the custodian of the riches of knowledge & mysteries, to us is given the articles of human race to redirect them to their source and path.

To my colleagues

Am Joseph sam one of you and to the spirit of the men of old that has practiced the act of Pen I joined yet our source is quite different but we are the hope of the world. We have done it before we can do it again revolutionizing the world via the act of Pen. To my fellow colleagues today I join you all to the rivers of the ancient spirit of the Pen writers. I therefore welcome you all to this era of Pen writers.

Don’t be shy get up and speak via your Pen…

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