.375 As A Fraction And Percent

You have to follow specific rules to express a decimal number as a fraction. So, to convert a decimal to a fraction, place the decimal number over its place value. For example, in 0.3, the three is in the tenth place, so we put 3 over 10 to create the equivalent fraction, 3/10.

Furthermore, 0.45, 45 is in the hundredth place, so we place 45 over 100 to create the equivalent fraction, 45/100. So, this rule is what we will use to express .373 as a fraction.


The 375 is in the thousandth place, so we place 375 over 1000 to create the equivalent fraction, 375/1000.

Therefore, 0.375 as a fraction is 375/1000. However, we will not stop here since it can be further simply to its lowest term.

.375 as a fraction in simplest form

.375 = 375/1000. To express in simplest form, we will look for a number that can divide the numerator and denominator without giving a remainder. In this case, 125 will be the number

375/125 = 3

1000/125 = 8

Therefore, .375 as a fraction in simplest form is 3 over 8, 3/8.

.375 as a Percentage

This is also easy to solve. You can do it in two ways

  1. Multiply the decimal by 100
  2. Multiply the fraction by 100

For the first one, .375 * 100 = 37.5%

For the second one, .375 = 3/8 *100 = 75/2 = 371/2 %.

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