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11 Steps To Easily Cut 6 Pieces Bustier Gown

This article is an answer to people who are Fashion designers/Tailors and have been searching for how to cut a 6 pieces bustier gown without separating it from half length.

The steps below if followed has highlighted will help you to gain mastery on 6 pieces bustier gown.


How to cut a 6 pieces bustier gown

Image of how to cut 6 pieces gown

Step One: Fold your fabrics into two

Step Two: Measure the full length of the gown, then chalk out; burst point, half length, hip point, and kneel point

Step Three: Chalk out the Nipple to Nipple point. For instance, if the N to N is 7 automatically you will be using 3.5 inches, so you will chalk out 3.5 inches on vertical

Step Four: Chalk out the shoulder circumference and 4.5 inches on vertical right from shoulder

Step Five: Extend the down part of the gown by the inches you want i.e. how wide and flowing you want the gown to be, then link it to the kneel length

Step Six: From the burst point chalk out 0.5 inches and link it to the 4.5 inches at the shoulder and slant it to the under burst

Step Seven: Measure the total horizontal measurement you have used, then chalk out the straight horizontal line from burst point down to the kneel

Step Eight: Then create a link from the gown length to the kneel length

Step Nine: From the under burst point, curve out 1.5 inches and end it up at the shoulder level

Step Ten: Use the accurate measurement of the person divided by 4 to bring out the shape of the side

Step Eleven: Extend the down part of the gown with the number of inches you want, then link it to the kneel length.

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I hope I have been able to put my reader through simple ways to cut a 6 piece bustier gown without separating it from half length

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