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How To Register For AYEEN 2019

AYEEN 2019: Do you have a business idea worthy of investments? (Funds, Professional advice, mentorship). Register for AYEEN! AYEEN REGISTRATION Form is now available! Read through the article below to know how to fill the AYEEN application form

ayeen registration

AYEEN was conceived to effectively affect the business space and entrepreneurial minds of young Nigerians. The conception has led to the identification of viable business ideas, start-ups and existing businesses which have been generously aided with funding, business mentorship and training. The peculiarity of AYEEN is that, there will be no ultimate winner rather hundreds of people walk away annually with various degrees of business funding and other forms of empowerment.

The AYEEN program has over the years provided business mentorship and training across Nigeria in various sectors, the programs mostly include Agriculture and Aquaculture training while the participants are empowered with basics of starting up, sustaining and expanding their business. The mentorship program caters to all business sectors giving guidance, advice and necessary information to teething entrepreneurs. Tools are also provided for the grassroot entrepreneurs and artisans to enhance their business productivity.

The A.Y.E Reality TV Show is a thirteen (13) episode entrepreneurial show that broadcast across Africa on over 8 TV Stations. The Reality Show unlike others and those in its Genre is very educative, informative, engaging yet entertaining. It showcases selected innovative entrepreneurs who agree to pitch their ideas and businesses before a well sought out panel of international judges on the A.Y.E reality TV show. Their businesses cut across the various sectors of the economy; transportation, technology, commodity goods, food processing, packaging, waste management /re-cycling, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, fashion and so much more encouraging many investors/partners to scout for profitable ventures.

How to Register for AYEEN 2019 – AYEEN Registration

(i) Log on to for the AYEEN 2019 application form

(ii) Before Proceeding follow AYEEN on all social media handles for updates

  • FACEBOOK: Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs
  • TWITTER: @ayeorganisation
  • INSTAGRAM: africasyoungentrepreneurs

(iii) Fill in all your details in the AYEEN 2019 registration form

(iv) Click to Agree

(v) Click on submit

Screening dates and centres will be communicated to you 2 weeks before your screening.


    Emails: [email protected] or [email protected]
    Emails: [email protected] or [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

Bolarinwa Olajire

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  1. Well! It’s a good idea, but I wish it reach/affect all forms of businesses or professions.
    But it includes some, I wish it include d Barbing sect. I would av appreciate it more and like to participate… Thanks

  2. Jimmy Olympus irinyenikan says:

    I have register for AYEEN 2018, but l was told they will get back to me, if am sellected. I am yet to get any information from fhem

  3. Gabriel stephen dung says:

    like to partake in ayeen

  4. Madubuike Emmanuel Ugochukwu says:

    Pls do you have a physical office in Enugu state?

  5. sunday ogbeta says:

    my name is sunday ogbeta am a profetional shoe maker

  6. Adamu Modibbo Jada says:

    I am into cattle fattening business,

  7. Omale Eric says:

    How can I participate?

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