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Top Best Country in Africa to work and live 2018

Best Country in Africa to work and live: There are indicators and indexes one need to consider before working or living in a particular country. A country where there is terrorism, violence, high inflation rate, low openness to foreigners, high level of corruption, etc. is not an ideal place to live or work.

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It has been observed that best country in Africa to work and live is a country with good positive peace index. According to Institute of Economic and Peace (IEP), positive peace is the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies aside absence of violence or fear of violence. And they also believe that high levels of Positive Peace are associated with:

  • Resilience
  • Happiness
  • Lower inflation
  • Higher per capita income
  • 2% higher GDP growth per annum
  • Better environmental outcomes

Global peace index indicates that countries that perform well in gender equality create participatory communities that facilitate high levels of opportunity and engagement. As a result, these countries consistently have higher levels of peace.

The measure use to detect the countries that are best to work and live in Africa is gotten from the Global Peace Index (GPI) and the indicators used are listed below:

  • Well-functioning government
  • Sound Business Environment
  • Low Levels of Corruption
  • High Levels of Human Capital
  • Free Flow of Information
  • Good Relationship with Neighbours
  • Equitable Distribution of Resources
  • Acceptance of the Rights of Others

On the above positive peace factors, countries in Africa were ranked and the top best countries to work and live are indicated. The Positive Peace Index (PPI) measures the Positive Peace of 163 countries, covering 99.6 per cent of the world’s population. The PPI is the only known global quantitative approach to defining and measuring Positive Peace. Out of the 163 countries measured, 45 countries in Africa was extracted and ranked according to how peaceful they are and their GPI was indicated along side.

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List of Best country in Africa to work and live according to their positive peace index 2017 – this then facilitate good working and living condition

(1) Mauritius 2.2

(2) Botswana 2.51

(3) Namibia 2.81

(4) South Africa 2.9

(5) Ghana 2.93

(6) Morocco 3.05

(7) Senegal 3.24

(8) Rwanda 3.27

(9) Lesotho 3.34

(10) Benin 3.36

(11) Gabon  3.36

(12) Burkina Faso  3.37

(13) Zambia 3.4

(14) Cote d’Ivoire 3.42

(15) Tanzania 3.45

(16) Malawi 3.46

(17) The Gambia 3.47

(18) Uganda 3.49

(19) Egypt 3.53

(20) Algeria 3.54

(21) Kenya 3.57

(22) Madagascar 3.58

(23) Mali 3.59

(24) Liberia 3.61

(25) Ethiopia 3.64

(26) Sierra Leone 3.65

(27) Mozambique 3.66

(28) Togo 3.66

(29) Libya 3.84

(30) Republic of the Congo 3.85

(31) Niger 3.86

(32) Nigeria 3.86

(33) Cameroon 3.9

(34) Mauritania 3.91

(35) Guinea-Bissau 3.96

(36) Angola 4

(37) Guinea 4

(38) Zimbabwe 4.04

(39) Equatorial Guinea 4.16

(40) Sudan 4.16

(41) Democratic Republic of the Congo 4.17

(42) Chad 4.19

(43) South Sudan 4.2

(44) Central African Republic 4.39

(45) Somalia 4.62

It was noted in the report that Cote d’Ivoire recorded the largest percentage of improvement in PPI between 2005 and 2016 in Africa and on Global scale with Georgia.

From the list above, Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Ghana are the top five safest place to visit in Africa in 2018. And not only that their cities are the best cities to visit in Afica 2018

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