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10 Best Courses to Study For Science Students

Many science students are at the crossroad of knowing best courses to study at the university. A wrong decision makes in life will always affect ones’ destination in life.

I have decided to list all courses that are best for any science student based on job employability, career path, and the opportunity those courses present for you to make an impact in life.

These courses are professional courses, and you can’t regret studying any of them at the University.

10 Best Courses for Science Students

  1. Computer science

One of the reasons this course top my list is because of the age we are at present – Information Technology age. It is a four-year course at the university where you will be taught a programming language, Networking, Database management, etc.

Being a professional in two or three areas in this field will make you a hot cake in the labor market.

  1. Statistics/Mathematics

We are in an era where data scientist or Data analyst is a hot cake. To be a data analyst, you must have studied Statistics or computer science in school. Most industries work with data, and that is why there will always be a place for a data scientist.

  1. Medicine and Surgery

Presently in Nigeria, the number of medical practitioners is low to cater to over 160 million population of this country. It, therefore, means that more hands are needed in this field.

Furthermore, health is one of the areas of interest in this country and the world at large. People can’t play with their health because health is wealth.

It is a six-year course with an additional one year of house job.

  1. Energy-related course

The courses that fall under this include Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Engineering, Renewable Energy and, Environmental Modeling, Energy Law and Policy, Energy and the Environment, Renewable energy & Clean Technology, Sustainable energy technologies, Energy and sustainability with electrical power engineering, etc.

Most of the above courses are not studied in Nigeria.

  1. Electrical Electronics Engineering or Physics Electronics (option in Instrumentation)

Electrical/Electronics Engineering is a five-year course while Physics Electronics is a four-year course for University that awards B.Sc. This course is a good course to study because all industries need instrumentation expert.

  1. Geology/Geophysics

In as much as this country depends on crude oil for its economy, a Geologist/Geophysicist will be relevant.

  1. Chemical Engineering

The truth is that if you study this course as a science student, your chances of getting a good job is high.

  1. Microbiology
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Industrial Chemistry

It is pertinent that you check whether your passion aligns with any of the best course shown above before you go ahead to study any of them.

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    BUT PLEASE My interest and passion highly lies in COMPUTER SCIENCE, but a mistake was made in my jamb subjects English, math,Bio, and geo was put and now am hearing that it’s not acceptable by any sch for computer science. Please is that TRUE? if yes what ar d possible courses that can be studied with those utme subjects?. If NO, which sch can possibly accept those subjects for computer science?

    Because people are telling me that am only left with the option of doing CHANGE OF COURSE, I want to know if am also left with the option of changing INSTITUTION still with that computer science.

    And also, the result U put as AWAITING during JAMB registration e.g I put WAEC RESULTS as AWAITING to be uploaded later, if maybe you don’t want to upload the WAEC RESULTS again, is it possible to maybe upload ur NECO results later???

    And please, when ar we to expect our 2019 waec resulte???

    For the post utme, must u write it in the sch U chose, or can U write it somewhere else(state)??? I mean do U hv to travel to the school U chose to write it or U can write it anywhere ur ar???

    Pls I want know what DIRECT ENTRY means i hv been hearing it…is it an alternative???

    And please i like to know when jamb data correction will stop….

    Thanks a lot for your platform(Very comprehensive, responsive, and satisfactory) KUDOS!!!,

    I also apologize for my lengthy questions, but I will be very grateful if they ar responded to possibly via email

    I just finished from sec school, I guess many of my mates/colleagues out there might seriously need these ans too

    Humbly in anticipation of ur response via email possibly…

    Thanks a lot.

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