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Building Your Child for Impact

Text: Luk 15:31

All i have is thine… if females can learn the act of regurgitation they will build a home that will change the world. The walls of our community started fallen when homes began to fail. No one knows what it means to kids to grow under the tender love of their parent, getting their feedings for exploit in life from a responsible father. If there is nothing left for you to fight for in marriage fight because of your kids, they worth fighting for please. We need responsible fathering figure in our societies we need males that will understand the values of females in their life. Only God knows the number of young females that have been abused and molested but no matter the condition one male is enough to change our world. Let your male be the one…

Understanding the Principles of Growth

Knowledge must equal understanding for productivity: You can’t appreciate when you don’t know the condition attached. The stress you passed through in getting it gives you adequate understanding of what it takes to get it done. The new generation Americans became like this because they never knew what the fathers did to get that freedom for them. Every child needs to acquire the right knowledge as a prerequisite for standard value system. No matter how you want to pamper your child please transfer the knowledge of the wealth you made to them.

Inheritance: It is important for every child to undergo the trainings that brought about the inheritance he has. It’s not about the bigness or smallness of the inheritance rather understanding laid down principles that brought the inheritance. Look at things Abraham transferred to isaac for maintaining inheritance:

Spirit of Faith: So many parents have built unbelief system in their kids in what they say and do. Let them grow with mindset of possibilities with confidence in their heart to confront situations of life. Children ask lots of question ensure you give them answers don’t beat him for asking let them know the reasons behind things.

Covenants: Teach them the ways of the Lord let them know the covenants of the Lord their God, expose them to God early enough. You don’t need to force them but show them God that’s all.

Cultures/Ethics: The most beautiful training have ever seen a man transfer to his children is right culture. Culture has a powerful stamina of regulating a human condition (attitudes, manner etc) via the daily shiftings/changes in human race.

Freedom: On no account should parent’s shutdown freedom test from their kids. Let them grow up with the correct mindset for freedom, let them know it’s a responsibility not a thing to abuse. Teach them how to handle freedom at the age they start knowing/calling you as their parent.

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