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A lecturer teaches a topic to his students at the same time in the same place yet a first class is produce out of the same topic and a third class student. Why? Not everyone can bring productivity out of knowledge. Every knowledge is a raw material, the power of interpreting knowledge is the ability of bringing out solution (secret) out of the knowledge. Even lies and truth are a kind of knowledge the difference between them is one put you in bondage while the other liberate you from bondage. So to enslave a man you need him to believe enslaving knowledge while to liberate him you need liberating knowledge. Therefore not all knowledge is productive.


Joseph made a mistake

For a negative prophecy to come to pass only a negative attitude is required. God told Abraham his generation will be in bondage in a strange land. Yet how this prophecy came to pass was from an unexpected man from whose hands came deliverance. Let see how Joseph lost the battle of the future:

Wrong bargain: There was no doubt that Joseph was sent to preserve Israel. And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. That was his manifesto during his time. Pharaoh had no choice than to submit to Joseph or else he is in danger of death by hunger yet he made a bargain of submitting everything to Joseph but not the throne. Why?

Throne is defined as a place in an elevated position; to give sovereignty or dominion to; to exalt.

So pharaoh was simply telling Joseph I don’t have the idea or knowledge, am only using you for now (rule me for now) but the dominion ship is mine and Joseph agreed for such bargain. He could have share the authority vested upon the throne or rather change the cabinet of administration or made new princes etc and put his brothers there but Joseph lacked this, he never knew his wrong bargain will back fire and enslave his people for which he claimed to preserve.

Note: Good intention does not make a leader, leadership is securing the future.

How many of our fathers are like Joseph in bargain? How many of us today are empowered by God to preserve this nation from future disaster but will rather prefer to give Goshen to your people and be the only one in leadership? Goshen will one day be turned into a land of bondage/slaves by demonic leadership. Goshen is not enough in securing the future. Helping your family alone, sending your children to abroad, giving them best things of life is not the victory because the battle is not today. Those young boys in the streets that you refuse to help, youths that we have eaten their future etc will be use by the devil to form Babylonians army and may we not see the reign of Babylon again, you better say amen. There are people before they can help you you must serve them like a slave, Are those ones helpers?.


Written code: I am not surprised of the bondage the children of Israel found themselves. When you have a short sighted leader you are bound to be enslaved. Joseph acted like our today’s politicians who can explain their purpose during manifesto, they will tell you many things, work on your mind, they can even cry just to buy your feelings yet they lack solution to future battle. When you have a good leader in position who cannot think of future is like an assistant coach to the devil. True leadership is a kind whose written code cannot be altered.

What is written Code?

These are policies or laws written for empowering either against or in support of a system.

Come to think of it some less than 5percent people practicing gay that is naturally abusive to human race thought it wise to legalize their practice.  What do you think they are doing? They are preserving their future, watch it we will soon have gays as normal friends if not taking care of. The children of the devil are wiser than good people in leadership position. They know what it takes to preserve generation. To truly change a nation, until a standard written code is established such nation will always come to square one. You cannot determine who will be on the throne in future but you can write a written code that will defend the future or build defense round the written code that cannot be altered. Go and check what is helping developed countries. Is it that bad people aren’t there or that they are not in position but many of them had written code that no relative of the devil can change.

Note: Joseph made a law in Egypt that is still active till date yet he could not make a law to preserve his people’s future. Yet he claimed he came to preserve them in his manifesto. It was a now preservation not future.

The Issues with Joseph

He failed to empower his brothers: I must say this that Joseph must have been a man who only want to see himself in leadership, giving his brothers fish but not teaching them how to fish. You are not a true leader until you can produce much better people than yourself. Our nation cannot grow when devils in throne understand this principle than righteous people in throne. Even when there brothers aren’t qualify they will still put them there as minister, senator, I mean key positions that determine future of a nation but a righteous man is too liberal to empower fellow righteous men as a replacement.

Joseph was tribal: How many years did Joseph spent in Egypt that he started dressing like Egyptians? He was Hebrew in heart Egypt in physical manifestation. How many politicians are like this? Who claim to love this nation but every move is to bring doom to this nation. No nation who operates on tribal differences get liberated from bondage. True leadership operates based on improving humanity not religion or tribal differences. Leadership is the ability of merging the differences in humanity into a habitable community via a standard lifestyle. We have leaders in our nation who knows nothing about human race. We have sold our future to these sets of leaders in this nation, are we still going to continue?

Joseph is a dreamer: We need visionary, leaders whose pattern of thinking is shaped by securing the future. True leadership carries a vision that put others that see the vision to a run. How people take your vision is the strength of your leadership. A man called Paul said whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge… True leadership supplies understanding via the expression of his knowledge. No wonder we hardly find a trace of those mighty revivals in those days. Great works done by the leaders of this nation in those days can hardly be seen. In fact if they tell you garri was once sold at one naira will you believe? That is how dangerous short sighted leadership can do to a nation.

Will you rise up to buy the future? Will you rise up to fight for this nation not just your family or tribe? How I wish men can carry gun for this nation for liberation from devourers, do protest for unemployed youths, kill because of leanness in our children bones, injustice against orphans and helpless, how I wish judgment arise from the house of the righteous against the tabernacle of the wicked but no, everyone is building Goshen. Until we come together to fight a cause this nation will never grow.,

God bless you.

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