Physic for A level & UTME

More solutions to some UTME past questions

Steps On How To Solve UTME Questions and a Free Download of Physics Preparatory Guide Question 1 The energy of a photon having a wavelength of 10^-10m is {utme 2013} A. 1.7 x 10-12J     B. 2.0 x 10-15J            C. 1.7 x 10-13J                 D. 2.0 x 10-12J Solution E = hf …

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How to plot graph And Choose Scale in physics practical

how to plot graph and choose scale in physics practical

Plotting of graph in physics practical class is not something strange to students performing experiments in physics laboratory. However, some students do encounter some problems when trying to plot graph or to choose appropriate scale for a graph. I will try to put you through the following (i) How to …

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Note On Primary and Secondary Colours

primary and secondary colours

Primary and Secondary Colours: Red, green and blue colours are primary colours. When they are mixed equally, white light is produced. Others such as yellow, magenta, and cyan are called secondary colours. The adding of primary colours to produce other colours is known as additive colour mixing. Red and blue …

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Nuclear Physics: Short Note on Quarks and Leptons

Quarks and Leptons Quarks are the fundamental particles. They are what make up nucleons, i.e. protons and neutrons, as well as other particles. Electron is a fundamental particle, one of a group of fundamental particle called leptons. The term fundamental means the particles does not have a sub structure; it …

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CIE A Level Physics Past Papers Solutions (Paper 1)

Cambridge International Examination, CIE A Level Physics Past Papers Solutions (Paper 1) Cambridge A-level physics is easy to pass with grade A or A*, if you can work hard and be smart. A smart student would have gone through all the available past questions and find solutions to them. It …

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Physics Formulas Kinematics With Graphs

Physics Formulas Kinematics With Appropriate Graphs Kinematics in physics is about the motion of a body or an obeject. And the terms associated with kinematics are displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration. These are the variables physicists play around in this topic. Kinematics formulas The starting point is from the definition …

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View And Download JAMB Syllabus For Physics pdf

Jamb logo

Candidates writing physics in JAMB need to have JAMB syllabus for physics for them to know the topics they need to read. And for this reason, I have decided to list the topics and their sub topics in physics that are required for candidates writing phyiscs in JAMB to read. …

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI operation and uses)


Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI is a diagnostic technique used in medicine. It can provide images of the inside of a patient. It does not rely on exposing patients to ionizing radiation such as x-rays; it relies on the fact that some atomic nuclei behave like tiny magnets in an external …

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Ultrasound: Uses, Operation and how it is generated

piezo-electric transducer

Ultrasound is an oscillating sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range( 20KHz in healthy, young adults). Ultrasound devices operate with frequencies from 20KHz to several gigahertz. How Ultrasound is generated i) Like audible sound, ultrasound is produced by a vibrating source. …

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