Concept of Kingdom Wealth

Topic: Concept of Kingdom Wealth

To you I write this in effect to the prophecy spoken by the Lord concerning the last day’s economy. The kingdom is prepared to showcase her influence and power by distinguishing the sons and daughters of the kingdom.

There is nothing the world can do to escape this because the haughtiness of men souls for power, position, and authority are growing wild daily which will provoke the fulfillment of prophecies. Therefore am I sent to open the eye and heart of men who belong to this kingdom of the era in which they are, what the times and seasons are saying and to restore what was lost.

The beginning of wealth

True wealth begins by opening a source of income of your own. No salary can make you wealthy. No matter how small the business can be please start if you don’t want to be affected in this harsh economy. Many white collar workers don’t know that the woman at the road side is richer than them. I knew of a woman that opens shop 7am – 10am and 7pm – 11pm. That woman is richer than many office workers, just selling rice and beans.

What is not require

Please note that am not saying they are not needed rather not a requirement. Am here to speak on the rudiment of kingdom wealth:

Money: It will help you to know that money is the least thing in the kingdom. Come to think of it the bible says gold was used to tie the street of heaven while here on earth it’s one of the greatest treasures, it means if you ever going to have dust in heaven it is gold dust. No wonder Judas Iscariot was given the portfolio of a treasurer because I felt the Lord knew right from the beginning it was him that will betray him. So he was given the least concern thing of the kingdom.

Education: Kingdom prosperity is irrespective of educational background. So never down grade yourself or lose hope in yourself because of educational factors consideration in our society.

Environment: Most times many have lost hope because of where they grew up, like they are limited but that’s a lie because prosperity of the kingdom is no respect of location.

Platforms: Who you know or connections doesn’t matter when the kingdom is in operation in your business or life. As much as these things mean a lot in the world settings yet the kingdom has no regard for them.

If God can help you solidify your faith that all these things cannot limit you in life then look at the few qualities of a great man in the kingdom.

Isa 1:17 (Learn to do well…) : Learning here means to improve or acquire. Your first step out of the holocaust that is about to hit the world is to improve in learning on what you are doing or acquiring of more to what you have, it means you lack the resourceful skills for expansion of your business. Nokia didn’t fizzle out in mobile world because of lack of knowledge but rather they never acquire to what they don’t have. The world change while they are busy improving their knowledge which became obsolete, what they needed was to acquire not improving. When changes threatening your business you don’t improve you acquire the new knowledge. Improving means you are trying to enforce your knowledge into the new changes and most times if the change is weighty and heavier than your knowledge at hand no matter improvement you do it will not work. Sometimes changes call for new knowledge.

Servant: Jesus said the greatest in the kingdom should serve others. What this mean is getting information requires you to serve. Serving doesn’t mean you are a beggar or inferior rather you have a cordial relationship with people. Note: everytime you lose a friend you just lost a connection to wealth. God will not drop down from heaven to enrich anyone he will use channels to reach you. Qualities of your channels determine your speed in wealth creation and am telling channels can be inherit or created which gives everyone access to wealth. Don’t worry I will teach you how to create channels yourself. So many people are just unreachable i.e the distance between them and their wealth is like hell to heaven, most people are suffering today because they have spoilt relevant relationship that connect them to their wealth. Any anointing that that will enrich you will first heal your relevant broken relationship and if the devil is involve he destroys your relevant relationship. When you see a poor man you see a man that lacks relevant relationship.

I hope you are sensitive enough to catch what am talking about that servant hood is all about two things: friendship and relationship. Please never disconnect from your enemy totally in the world of business leave a room for reachability to each other.

Faithfulness: Seeth thou a man faithful in little… have been saying this there is no shortcut in God except you are tested in the hidden and confirm you cannot stand the waves of the public. Start your business small, gather experiences from it, learn strategies, study the weakness and strength of others, know the uniqueness you are introducing etc that is how it works, faithfulness is a heart thing it is your loyalty to your business. Are you ready to give it all your best? Will you attend to it like you are going to attend to it when it attracts millions?

Excellence: If the qualities of excellence are added to unprofitable thing and it’s acceptable to the society how much more will it attract men if it’s been added to a profitable thing? Most times kingdom people are shallow (lack of excellence). If the song in church bores we church member how will it pull an unbeliever? Am asking a question, because these so called worldly souls are so advance in excellence/quality that even believers are pulled to their kingdom. The skillfulness of an animal cannot be hidden to a wise hunter. Please wakeup it’s time for the church to redefine what the anointing does in the life of a believer and what his head his meant to do.

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