Enemies of Relationship/Marriages

Topic: Enemies of Relationship/Marriages

Reality is one of the greatest enemies of human feelings/emotion, hardly can it withstand/survive the impact of reality. Far beyond Hollywood movies, much more strategic than 120 love languages book your reading, its suspense is heavier than stories developed by ideas of an author etc while very few experience the happy ending in reality story line.

Realities are like cancer to the blood stream of emotion, its presence is a gradual poison to feelings. If you ever wonder why your feelings/emotion varies or dropping know that reality has set in to test your Faith in love.  Follow me to the unveiling of enemies of relationships:

Shift: The sudden change of status can be an impact not many first timers in relationship/marriages can stand. The force of this impact takes place in the mental realm difficulty to trace and hard to put blame upon. Is the custodian of the very essence of human’s right and nature, this force is meant to crack out a layer both in male and female in relationship especially marriages unfortunately the sudden impact is more felt by males than female. Successful shift in relationship/marriage brings perfect loyalty and commitment while the failure is rebellious attitudes to the vows in relationship.

Wounds: Most likely a wounded girl or guy in a former relationship will not wait for healing infact so many don’t even know broken relationship create unseen wounds. They don’t know what their heart is crying for and what their feelings are saying. A girl will place more expectation in her guy to heal her while she relax in responsibilities (most often broken rship makes her drop in attitude) unfortunately the guy just got cheated in his former relationship knowing full well the attitudes of females that cheat. The question is who will now take the responsibilities of their relationship? For both of them are injured and now reducing their input.

Vengeance: Today’s relationship has been redefined to “I don’t want to lose” So no more commitment out of love, trust and faithfulness rather resources, efforts, pains etc are measures of who loves a girl while sex has become the only way of capturing and subduing a girl’s pride for male world. Note: nothing pains males like the feeling of wastage of their resources on wrong girl while nothing pains females like uncovering her nakedness by wrong guy. The question is who gets the other subdue first? I don’t wanna lose is the spirit of vengeance and that’s why most guys will continue to ask for sex because it’s the only way of taking vengeance.

Differences: Just like a car with a driver without driver’s license is breaking the rules the same with relationship without unresolved differences. It will tear down the relationship no matter your spiritual level. These realities seem more powerful in determining the future of relationship than the feelings/emotion that started it.

Two things happen when a car broke down: its either the owner is aware of it (You hear “Oh God, not againnn”) if the owner isn’t aware of the issue (You hear “Shit mehn, what the hell is this”)

Conditions to Face

A thousand lie cannot cover a single truth, lies will not sustain your relationship open up to each other. Tell each other your pasts and wounds, the pains in your heart, the burden of hatred and grieve infact tell each other the feelings you have for your past guy. If you still love your former tell your new partner ok.

Every male knows the end of every relationship they are into from the beginning. If you are for sex machine and to be drop later he knows. And he will defend his course with all positive actions. Note: his actions, attitudes and what he is exposing you to are pointers to your end in that relationship.

Note: Every male knows what to do to keep what he loves, they don’t need to be taught. Males don’t take from a girl he loves, never reduce her in qualities or values rather plant her and water her because The Pride of every male-man is his female-woman. He will do everything to make you stand  in the public.

God bless

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