Establishment of Grace

Text: Prov 1:8-9, 4:9

Every authentic grace teaching liberates men from their fears via the manifold wisdom and mysteries therein. For the grace which appeareth unto all men is unto liberty both in lifestyle, expression and act.

Grace is not a New Testament word it’s been in existence with men of old even before any testament.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord Gen 6:8 KJV

Obviously Noah never knew God was coming to destroy the world until God spoke to him. Grace is an expression of ownership it has nothing to do with your works or acts yet it will be erroneous to say there is no requirement or cost.

Look into this example: Education scholarships aren’t invented by any student or planned by students it was outside their knowledge. Scholarships are invention or plans of whosoever is sponsoring it, no student push such individual to do it. As free as scholarship are there are requirement or measures to all students.

Noah was a just man and perfect in his generation and noah walked with God. Gen 6:9

That you are a first class student doesn’t qualify you for automatic scholarship, why? Because it’s your normal job to be excellent. Should anybody be responsible for being serious at school huh? We need to understand these things no students need to be coarse to study because that’s why he’s parent sent him/her to school. Normally schools are meant to be a ground for training students to be excellent and hard working, it has nothing to do with scholarships.

Now that noah is just and perfect does that mandated God to show him grace? That was the reason God created men at the first instance, to be just and perfect was human’s calling should God be dancing in heaven for humans living righteous life? Grace was showed to noah not because of his just and perfect life nor because he walked with God noooo no nooo it was a sponsoring programme by God to assist humans. If you are on scholarship does it made you to stop your seriousness to your study?

The beginning of Grace

There is no grace that jumps process every grace (scholarship) category works according to pattern of the kingdom. Now God promised Abraham he will have a seed and give him a son in his stead but Abraham went to Hagar and she conceived but God rejected it but when God was ready at the appointed time did Abraham went in to Sarah or not? Tell yourself God follow process.

Note: Any grace that jumps process is not authentic teaching and that you don’t understand how it happen doesn’t mean God didn’t follow process.

The birth of Grace John1:1, 14, 16-17

No scholarship is sponsored by beneficial or else it’s not a scholarship. Jesus the grace himself was about to come to his own the question is who will sponsor it? Humans can’t be the beneficial of grace and still be the author not possible. This was the reason why a higher sponsorer authored the birth of Jesus (grace) i.e the holyspirit.  Note: that you don’t understand the workings of God doesn’t negate the authenticity.

The meaning of father is source, therefore can Joseph the husband of Mary be the source of this new covenant? Can he sponsor it? He himself is a beneficial of this programme.

The question is did the grace came without following process? No, Jesus spent 9months, delivered following pattern and raised by parental cares.

Entry point to grace Rom5:2

Grace is a sponsored programme for eternal life and total liberation which has only one single requirement that is Faith.

Please know these men have walked with God before any testament in perfection and truthfulness but they were limited. Grace came to break this even to help everyone to be perfect before God.

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God bless.

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