Ever Increasing Prt 2


Topic: Ever Increasing Prt 2

No aeroplane travelling abroad takes off like a helicopter. Even the altitude is a proof of their difference. Necessary things are taking into consideration, the timing, the people, the size of capacity, the destination is known because it’s going global.

My Little Balloon

It doesn’t matter the size of your balloon just make it fly. The creator has given each man what is needed to give you fame and honor. Stop looking at others balloon blow yours, as little as it is it can go global, commanding forces to pay attention.

Bro Sam, you mean this little thing in my hand can fly up there? Oh yes dear, It can. You don’t have to be a programmer like bill gate or an estate mogul or a business tacoon like dangote to make an impact.

The little knowledge

That little knowledge is enough; your cake knowledge is enough to expand you. Come to think of it, you know how to bake cake & stuffs then learn varieties of that knowledge you have eg chocolate cake, milk cake etc put it on youtube there you go commanding your crowd. Listen to me dear, the world is only looking for excellent men. So go online add more values to your cake knowledge.

Flow with the Trend

I will never forget how nokia lost out in market. Back then when android came out I told my friends that android will send some off market. It looks like people like nokia then but it was old fashion. You must ever be increasing as the trend moves. If its your certificate then increase it, if yours is business add more etc staying on top is not a joke. There are dozen eyeing your seat in market. You can’t afford to lose out in the race.

Change might be something little

The funniest thing about life is change might be something little as changing the brand of your business. Unless you understand that humans are insatiable being and always want something new and dynamic you might lose. As little as chrismas greeting message it can make a different. Add something new, new as banners in your environment. Just apply it.

It’s not a magic

Dear, it isn’t a magic becoming successful. It doesn’t happen overnight true success have stories. Success is a traceable path in which if you share with others they get same result.

What to change in your life

  1. Go to challenging environment: Move out of your colony, seek a new ground of challenge where you can be provoked and stir on daily basis.
  2. Check what is lacking in your environment
  3. Check what they are doing already
  4. Check what is not enough
  5. Do some analysis and apply the result

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