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Its too early to give up your dream. Ofcourse no one will understand the pains you are passing through but there is someone who can help you pass through it safely. True wealth is a product of labor and pains which later becomes story.

Dear, tears might have become your daily food, impossibility of your future might have become your vision but stronger is the better you, mighty are your attitudes in changing your situation into gold.

Let me tell you this, if you never stand up to fight no one will ever know you are better than this.

You don’t have a Choice

No one aiming to be at the top put to thought second choice, this is the demon that has brought promising stars down, great men into ashes etc If thine eye be single your whole body will be light What a wonderful saying, second choice take away your concentration and makes you lose strength and focus which lead to confusion and later darkness.

You need Strength

You see you can keep setting goals and plans day and night (Not bad ok) if you lack the first law of motion your going nowhere. I grew in an environment that look like jungle honestly and my question has always been didn’t this people have goals and dreams while they were growing up? Am sure they were agitating for success like any of us but today they settle for less. Am sure you have seen such people too, you could smell disappoint in them they are full of stories of past no success point. Dear lovely, beyond your dreams and goals and agitation for success is the need to build strength if you don’t want to tell stories of failure.

What is Strength

Strength is the cost you have given to your dreams and goals in life. Wise saying “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back is fit for the kingdom”. How much cost have you budgeted for your dream? No serious nation start a new session without budget. And ofcourse at the end you will see them scale over the budget. How much are you willing to give your dream? Are you ready to pay the price? Most young men and women have seen are living on luck of dream. Have never seen dream realized on luck. It comes with a price, it’s either you lower your dream to the cost you are willing to give or forget it.

The cost of a thing represents its value to you. Therefore the cost you are willingly to give determined your elastic limit. So what and what are you willing to give in getting your dream? You see there is something you will give your dream that will represent your very life I mean your very breath.

Factors of Strength

Self denial: Am sure you are surprised that its not passion huh? Let me tell you there are many things out there that will swallow your passion in a wink. You need the power of self denial for your dream. You must be ready to denial everything, as you deny yourself you will cry because those things you are denying are the cost. You will feel the pain of stopping them.  Eg To some it’s parties, while others friends, some parent and environment while others certificate, some current employment while others social media etc Find yours.

Power of Imagination & Thought: How much time do you spend designing your dream through imagination? Imagination is given us to design our dream, make correction to the structure, fills our heart with the pleasure of our dream etc when last did you visit your dream? If truly you love your dream you should have visited it all this while, you’re too far from it. Your thought is the master tool for provoking yourself into action. Most times people have not make use of their thought in provoking themselves into action. Your thought carries the power of setting you ablaze for your dream. Have often told people I need no one to encourage me I can get angry myself, all I need is to think.

Components of thought for Provoking Oneself

Remember those who have undermined you: Remember don’t forget such, those who have undermined you, those who have looked down on you. Are you now going to let them go scout free. They need some punishment and that’s by achieving your dreams. Nothing pains your enemies like seeing you flying beyond their wildest imagination lol. It will pain them to the bones. Replying your enemies with words is lack of wisdom reply with results. You have suffered too much of down grade its payback time. Get up and fight for your dream. Rise beyond their expectation and stay on their neck.

Remember the days of tears and weeping: How could you have forgotten all this? Am highly disappointed in you for forgetting. How could you forget the night you were insulted to the face and wept like a baby. Your landlord rained words on your parent, what of school fee payment, what of days of trekking? Now ordinarily 70,000 Naira or 500Dollar salary made you forgot all this. You are not a man do you hear me? Get back on your feet for millions and billions never be satisfy. Get up

What of your own words: Oh you think I will forget those days you were making mouth with friends that you are gonna be the President, a world renown surgeon, the best motivational speaker etc you thought I forgot? No no nooo I didn’t forget. You said all that huh remember those words you spoke as a promise to the sister, your wife etc everyone believed in you because you are a promising star. Well we are still waiting for that, we never lost hope in you even if you.

You know I love you I never wanted you to cry for your dream but its worth crying for. Mum and Dad still has hope on you, friends are still cheering you up, aren’t you hearing the voice of songs flaming you for victory. Its time to win its time for greatness its time for the man in you its time for the show of your talent and the TIME IS NOW. Put a smile on mum and dad face just as before.

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See you tomorrow on wisdom for living byeee

God bless

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