Faith in Destiny

Topic: Faith in Destiny

Text: Jude 1:3

…contend with the faith that was delivered onto you… Jud1:3 KJV

It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household? Mat 10: 25 KJV

Message of the Day

It takes a lion heart to get lion share. Jesus never at any point says the fulfillment of destiny will be comfortable rather promises comfort via the holyghost. The bible never called the holyghost your emotional partner is the chief in command of God’s armies in this last days. To some reading this post I perceived your comfortability (consistent food on your table, money in your pocket) is making you take destiny journey with lighter hand. Be careful. If we are of the lion of the tribe of Judah, then even the play and comfort of mother lion does it look like what a goat can engage? You see them using their claws and teeth playing, no wonder the young lion looks like the mother lion. Even his quietness and gentility is terrifying.

Note: If you are of the petting kind then this post is not for you. Everything is not petting in this kingdom. We don’t cajole people in this kingdom.

Knowing the Father Properly

Even our earthly fathers have a time when emotional play stop and begin to train us. Am not sure US army are playing on training ground this are earthly realm how much more kingdom armies? Will you need encouragement to run if you see lion pursuing you? Common face the reality and get up. You have never seen the need to carry the cross that’s while everything looks stressful to you.

Faith that is Rooted

The kind of believe system you have in you will eventually become the in depth of people’s faith in you. You must be so rooted in yourself, your faith concerning your DESTINY that is going to work. The burning flame in you should be contactable. Destiny faith is always rugged never bowing to any for no course or reason, either they believe in you or not you must remain edible and unchanging. The Lord says I AM THE LORD I CHANGE NOT. Simply means either you believe is God or not he never change is God’s nature. No wonder we all come to bow at the end of the day. Faith has the power to make others bow at the latter end because they will all come to see what kind of faith this is. They said of Jesus we have never see it in this fashion. That fashion of faith must be quite different from others. To influence your world and make a difference then something new must be birthforth by your FAITH. No one gives attention to something that is common only strange things command strange look and attention. In the mighty name of Jesus your business, destiny, relationship, marriage, life etc is taking a new turn around. Search for that kind of Faith, believe in it and be rooted.

The Walk of Faith in Destiny

Destiny is engage via your Faith in it. It can be perceived by those around. Even the story behind your destiny should intoxicate and encourage others. I mean mere hearing the stories behind Christ tears drop, haa a man passed through this for destiny case? Does it mean his poor for suffering? Ofcourse not, I know this because they were eating and not fasting.

And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen… Gen 14:14 KJV

Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher luk6:40 KJV

The day I knew the holyghost is the chief in command of God’s armies I told him to stop pampering me am no more a kid. Don’t pamper me make a giant out of me. Since that day till now my experience with the holyghost changed and he made himself real both in punishment and comforting. Everyone knows you don’t commit serious business into the hand of a pampered child. Until you are trained kingdom arms will not be given you. Simple!!! Our training will determine the kind of manifestation we will experience. You can’t be trained to be a farmer and behave like a soldier. Even in life whatever that tells you not to give your body to a farmer for checkup is also responsible for not qualifying you to experience kingdom power and manifestation. Till tomorrow thick mysteries of the kingdom will continue to flood my life via obedience to instructions I follow. Except you change your spiritual pattern to obedience you will ever remain a baby. We live by obedience in this kingdom not petting messages you are use to. Am sorry that you will be surprise of the kind of reward you will meet in heaven. Because except you are a cheater will you compare your current attitudes to his kingdom to that of bro Paul, to saints who gave up their blood for the advancement of the kingdom. Your enjoyment today is on the blood of others. What will you do for the Lord? Complaining all around that my messages is too hard and difficult? If you are too big to pass through this training you are too small to experience this power.

Faith Produces Endurance

Your faith has the power to sustain you during your difficult times in destiny. No wonder the Lord refers to faith every time they encounter storms of life. You must be rooted in your Faith, believing in what your destiny has to offer. Destiny fulfillment is not child’s play. It for big boys…

Tomorrow I will be sharing with us part two of Faith in destiny. Sorry that sometimes I couldn’t meet up. It’s my nature of work currently. Thanks

God bless.

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