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Gifted Men

You can’t imagine an entire village/city having one man (Jesus) as a dead raiser while others are dead burials. Out of an entire country only three were recognized as wise men capable of standing before kings. They don’t just possess wisdom they can give it. These set of wise men could see rising stars in the sky, trace them and empower them with their gifting. They aren’t stars killer but star raisers. Unfortunately, in this generation that many stars are under shadow and gloomy darkness, being aware of the capacity within them but finding it difficult to express it.

“Nothing is as frustrating as possessing capacity but unable to express it”

Morning Star

We are the salt of the world not the church, we are the light of the world not the church. Jesus is already the head of the church you can’t be. The only place left for I and you to shine and be recognize as morning star is in the world. Unfortunately a lot of morning stars are becoming evening star and night star via our many unproductive church programs, untimely messages, unnecessary activities etc delaying the raising of stars.

Jesus was referred to as morning star because at age 12 the doctors of the law then don’t underrate, underestimate neither look on you as a child but created a flexible platform that could allow a 12years old boy contribute to the system (Luke 2:42). Nobody has ever asked what kind of pattern of system (church program) did the fathers of those times set up that could allow the talent of a 12yrs old boy come-forth? That allowed 12yrs old boy star not to be hid? That gave a 12yrs old boy confidence to sit and share his own views and they listened? The same system produced Apostle Paul for Christ sake.

Matt5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on hill cannot be hid”.

There are many young people that carry city’s talent, grace and anointing but couldn’t find a hill set up in the church. The settings are too local to make you global, too rigid to make you flexible, too untimely (bad time management) to produce timely stars. We preach Jesus entered into ministry at 30 but how many less than 30 have we produced? Sincerely, how many churches can produce a world class Holy ghost filled Apostles, Prophets, engineers, scientists, footballers before 30yrs of age?

If the church in Nigeria is going to produce men like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Lionel Messi, Anthony Joshua, Usain Bolt etc who are timely in life to make timely impart then will need this:


Biblical ways of handling/Producing Stars

We are agent sent to the world to save it from decadence. Nothing cripples the economy of a nation like lack of local generated produce. The day you stop producing, you start dying. The day the church shifted her focus from producing stars to the world was the day darkness took over.


(i) Showing a sincere Love

For God so loved the world and he gave… John 3:16. He didn’t just give but gave his best gift in an appointed time and acceptable year Isa 49:8, Luke 4:19.

There is an appointed time to everything in life but more to that is acceptable year. It is love in the heart of a mentor/pastor or spiritual father that will make him to produce a star at an acceptable year because the workload of producing such a star will be on the father’s gifting or mentor’s gifting not really on the star. Today we mentor until we miss the acceptable year of the star. Having acceptable timing in mind makes a whole lot of difference and commands attention to our produced star.

The difference between God science and world science is time of completion. For example, if God wants to raise a dead, it will be immediate. And that’s why Jesus clocked 30yrs but ensure he produced larger percent of less than 30yrs Apostles except Peter. In fact most of them are at their early 20’s, that is what it takes to be a true mentor/pastor or father. Time of productivity of stars in any field is a prove of mastery and if you can’t do that you aren’t yet a master.

It is love that will propel us to give our best gift into the life of those boys and girls in our churches. Making quality investment (academically, scholarships, ICT platforms, political platforms, social/Economical platforms, talent and gifting exploration activities etc) on them will hasten God’s plans on their life. If we don’t, it is just a matter of time the devil takes them over.


Note: Stars don’t stay longer and he that wins a soul is wise. This is a true soul winning strategies. Let’s start planting souls of our members on a good soil and stop using them etc. Something is dying in the lives of men and if God has committed thousands of souls into your hands and less than 500 are happy, I am not sure that’s a good result. We can do more, let’s help our morning stars to rise before the evening comes.,

Am Joseph Sam

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