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I don’t know how wounded you are or heartbroken your love is or maybe you have missed the right man for you due to ignorance but I know the words of God can heal you. It never late to have a taste of your dreams, common put a smile on your face and let’s get to treatment.

Confusion in the world

The confusion in the eye of both male and female can be smell & seen in our society, it look like no one have an adequate answer to the problems of relationship. Am sure you have read books, watch films and listen to real life stories yet the stones have never finish cooking and yet the damage is on the high side.

Hidden Mystery of Love Relationship

Throughout the entire ministry of Jesus, you cannot work with him successfully without Faith, infact he said faith is a core course of humanity Mat 23:23. Most relationship got wounded not because two parties are bad rather they never follow the principles of faith. Most times our expectations are faster than our faith, it therefore takes faith to produce what we wanted.

Principles of Faith in Relationship

  1. Can two walk together except they agree: This is for equally yoked relationship
  2. The Just shall live by faith: This is for unequally yoked relationship

Note: I will explain the application of these principles later

Two Categories of Relationship

Unequally yoke: This is a kind of relationship in which both parties have a wide range of differences. Individually they are ok but together they just repel because their differences is too much for dissolution. Hard to fix because one of the party has lost the purpose of relationship and possess seed of corruption.

Equally yoke: This is a kind of relationship in which their differences is within the limit but can’t understand while they kept having issues. Mostly they never work on each other. Very easy to fix because both parties have good intentions/heart.

Note: I will talking on equally yoke relationship; will talk later on the other.

The origin of Problems in Relationship

Our problems began when our orientation about life change, when the measures of success and greatness were misplaced and competition sets in into the affairs of men. Our satisfactory level was put as a factor of greatness instead of differences and comfortability. Now a female thinks a man without a car is going nowhere in life, let me ask you what’s the definition of life? Maybe we need to ask ourselves what love is?

There is no full definition of love but there is an expression of love in the bile.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

So therefore love is giving the most important thing in your life and believing in that thing that it will produce eternal reward. That means love operate a principle called Seed Time, Sow time and Harvest time. Well it’s obviously clear where our problem lies. I will talk about this later.

Things you mustn’t engage in your relationship

I choose to speak to the male world because if their head is correct relationship will come to normal in our society. I need them to know it’s not compulsory to ride car at 20’s, your own car can come at 50 and still be happy. Don’t over stress yourself and go beyond your current limit.

Pressure: Male world are highly responsive to this because males are naturally pressurize. They are seekers, his looking for his identity, his thinking of what to do with his life, his confused etc you are only killing him by not been satisfy. The best way to kill your man is to show insatisfaction attitudes of his identity.

Comparism:  Don’t ever compare your man with anything, he is likely to be push to do crazy thing to get it. Comparism has frustrated young males of this generation to go into all kinds of atrocities, they can’t handle it.

Competition: It takes a male with high discipline to grow steadily and never go into competition. It’s good but have seen its side effect. It destructive power is in uneasiness in pursuit of purpose while the bible says in stability is our strength.

Levels of Life

Before you start a race look at those you are running with, are you all the same? Before leaving my parent house the Lord said this to me at 17years old “My son remember your platform for you will meet men who will be proceeding in life more faster than you not because they are better off but they have better platform to operate” These was the last warning from the Lord before I marched out of my father’s house to face the world.

Platform is a mighty weapon of speed in life. The Lord said to me never fight a man that has better platform than you because you will not win at that time. People move at different rate in life because of the platforms they have. Platforms can be parent financial status or connections, backgrounds, friends and relationship. Have seen people am hardworking than yet they are better off me in terms of material should a girl compare me with such?

Give him time to grow

Dear lovely girl you know I do love you I want the best for you but you just have to give him time to grow. I promise to teach you how to recognize a man with substance ok but you need to read my next post that deals with females.

Tools of Healing

Open Heart: Try to have an open heart towards your relationship, if you don’t want it just leave it.

Trust: Trusting each other is not in words rather in expression and action. There are sometimes you will tell your partner everything that ever happen to you. It means to be plain, you should eliminate lies.

Believe: Try to have faith in his destiny, trust God to lead him, pray for him in your closet, send messages of encouragement proving your love for him and watch him deliver.

Faithfulness: Be faithful to the relationship vows; make sure the error is not from you.

Patience: There is need to give each other time to meet up with each other’s goals and dreams in life. Don’t rush each other be calm.

Full Support: Give all the support needed to each other especially informations that will help

Focus: Be focus with him/her stop thinking of what of if he didn’t make it.

God bless.

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