Understanding The Number Of Minutes And Seconds In A Day

Several mathematical and physics calculations will require you to know how many minutes or seconds in a day. Especially pupils in basic 1 to 6 may need to know how this is done.

So, I have decided to write a short article on it to help you understand it in a simple way. The first thing I would like you to know is the foundation for this calculation, which is there are 24 hours in a day.

How Many Minutes in a Day

As I said earlier, there are twenty-four (24) hours in a day. Knowing this will help you to solve the above problem.

Also, there are sixty (60) minutes in one (1) hour. So, we can proceed from this point.

One day – 24 hours

60 minutes – 1 hour

The multiplication of 24 and 60 (24*60 = 1440) will give the number of minutes in one day. Therefore, 1440 minutes is in one day.

How Many Seconds in a Day

The same is also applicable here. But we will go a little further by knowing the number of seconds in a minute. Sixty (60) seconds make one minute. So the relationship will go like this:

24 hours – one day

60 minutes – 1 hour

60 seconds – 1 minute

The multiplication of 24, 60, and 60 (24*60*60 = 86400) will give the number of seconds in one day. Therefore, 86400 seconds is in one day.

 1 day
minutes24*60 = 1440
Seconds24*60*60 = 86400

In conclusion, once you know the first thing which is the relationship between hours and day (24hr  is 1 day), minute and hour (60sec is 1 hr), and second and minute (60sec is 1 min), then you can solve any question related to it.

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