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How To Cut Corset Top [Explained]

In this article, I will be explaining how to cut a corset top with some images to aid your learning. A corset is a woman’s tightly fitting underwear, extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to shape the figure. a corset narrows the waist and provides a desired posture.

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Measurement to use for Corset Top Illustration

In order to make a corset top, there are certain body measurements required. I have included the measurements I used for illustration with it and they are:

(1) Shoulder to upper bust (vertical 7 inches, horizontal 34 (total circumference)

(2) Shoulder to nipple point (vertical 10 inches, horizontal 36 inches TCF)

(3) Shoulder to under bust (v 13, hor 32)

(4) Shoulder to half-length (v 17, hor 32)

(5) Hip length minus 24-2 = 22

(6) shoulder 16/2=8

How to Cut Corset Top

Place your fabric on a table, measure 0.5 inch inward, then take other required measurements has explained earlier and add sewing allowance.shape out the armhole.


  1. From the half-length, make a slant line and connect to the hip measurement
  2. From the middle point of the fabric, measure the nipple to nipple point measurement from the upper bust to the hip length on vertical
  3. Make a dart from the bust point to the hip line
  4. Measure from the edge after the 0.5 inch, the distance between the cleavage and the edge of the bust
  5. From the under bust make a curve shape to the upper bust
  6. Do the same to the other side
  7. From the upper bust, come down with 0.5 inch on vertical
  8. Measure from the middle point of the upper bust 1.5 inch, and connect to the other side.
  9. Measure 0.5 inch from the nipple point downward on both sides and connect to the 1.5 inches
  10. Label them accordingly so as to avoid confusion, then cut out.
  11. Lastly, ensure you add 0.5 inch to all the part cut.

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