How to detect a bad relationship


How to detect a wrong relationship

I also want to use this medium to address people in courtship because I don’t want to neglect these wonderful set of people.

This is a very interesting topic that needs to be discussed, so that people can get at least a clue on how to detect a wrong relationship. It is not uncommon that so many people have fallen into it unknowingly or they are aware but hoping things will change. I will to a great extent devout this article to solve some of the problems people in courtship are passing through.

Let me bore you with a simple mathematical question.


Pardon me as we look together this simple question. I saw this question when I was reading an article by a mathematician called Alexander Farrugia.

Can you prove that 1 = -1 ?

This looks horrible or let me say awful. Ok, let me try to prove it

In mathematics


I think you will agree with me that the above statement is true




Can you see that 1 = -1

Please before you start applauding, look at the expression above and pick what is wrong. If you are not a very good mathematics student you may find this difficult to detect. In principle thiscapture is not applicable to two negative numbers. So that makes the proving wrong in principle.

What I have proved above is absolutely wrong by principle but it is right mere looking at the logic behind the proof. The undiscerning may see nothing wrong about it because there are a flow and pattern that accompany the solution.

This is the same picture with a wrong relationship, most times we do not go with principle when choosing rather we like to flow with want seems appealing to our senses. This is a grave mistake to make for any man or woman going into a relationship. I love to say any relationship where your partner takes advantage or sucks life out of you is absolutely wrong.

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How to detect a wrong relationship

  1. He/ she is not committed to nurture and develop the relationship

There is a saying that “your mind will always be where your treasure is”, this is a statement of fact. I have heard men say “it is because of my busy schedule at work that is why I haven’t been able to call you since last month” uh, what an unserious folk. Imagine how unserious people will see you when you have a very serious project at hand that you are in the process of executing, but you haven’t visited the project or make attempt to find out how that project is going for weeks. It is high level of unseriousness and lack of commitment when your partner is not putting the required effort to make the relation to grow and flourish


  1. He/she does take advantage of you

I call this set of people robber, they are looking for the slightest opportunity to suck you dry. They are not contributing nor have put  in effort to make the relationship work out well. They are always demanding and the bad thing about them is no matter what you do they are never satisfied. When you see such please run for your dear life, do not be beclouded by your emotion. The relationship is about mutual benefit i.e. you and your partner giving for mutual benefit.

Why will my partner takes advantage of me if he/she is not a thief?


  1. They temporarily appear real

This is a bait use by most people to capture the undiscerning mind, they appear real at the surface like the example I gave at the beginning of this article. So be sure whether he/she is for a long time or just to waste your precious time. You will also notice the rate at which they will drop in the good deed they used to do. Their good deed is just for a moment to get what they are looking for. A true friend always appreciates in values and in good deeds, day in day out he/ she is coming with surprises that amazes you. Not the ones that within two or three months you start having a sleepless night about because they are no longer who they used to be.


  1. They don’t care about your future, emotion and state of wellbeing

I always appreciate friends that have great concern about my life and future and always doing their best to be part of my story. These are true friends. I cannot be with a man/woman that cares less about my life, thinking if I perish I perish or who doesn’t give a damn about me. When you sense that the person in question doesn’t care about your life, future, emotion and your state of wellbeing know that you are in a wrong relationship

  1. You are always at his/her mercy

Sometimes I imagine the kind of agony some people deliberately put themselves into all in the name of “love”. They live their life as if their entire life depends on their partner. He/she keeps maltreating them but they keep enduring as if there is a medal for what they doing, gosh! Don’t live your life as if you are in bondage, you can do without him/her. So far he/she is a parasite; he/she doesn’t deserve you. Your life is precious than to waste it on irresponsible people.


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