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How To Have A Restful Future As A Parent

How to have a restful future in a complex world of ours

Prov 29:17: Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

The verb expression of this word “correct” here means: to remove error, to inform etc So the bible is telling us the “rest” every parent will enjoy is base on the number of errors they can remove in the life of their kids.

A lot of marriages/parents are under stress, pains and agony due to the level of resources they have in removing errors in the life of their children. Parenthood is a choice, you have all the time in the world to build great resources in order to make your children champions. Even God is refer to as ancient meaning very old before given birth to us. Imagine God didn’t prepare well before given birth to humanity,he will be grumbling around by now but he ensure he has the right structures and solution. That’s why i love him course he can clean my mess. That’s what makes you a parent.

Below are the steps to take to have a restful future

Things to know before Parenthood

If the foundation is destroy, what can the righteous do? Before jumping to the altar why not ask yourself if you have the resources that can build a solid foundation for your kids. Or else you will have righteous kids that are of no relevance to their generation.

What to do to have a resful future

There are different types of foundation you need to lay and they are listed below:

Educational Foundation

Humans don’t speak in tongue to communicate to each other rather we use understandable languages. Our language has been the bases of our unity and community development. Don’t give birth to kids you cannot offer sound education. How beautiful it is for your kids to be spiritual but how excellent will it be if they can express their identities & confidence in the society.

Social Foundation

The importance of social intelligence cannot be quantified in our world. Ensure you have resources that can give quality social exposure in order not to have righteous kids with derail social mentality. Kids that will prefer open grazing to modernize grazing, kids that sees beautiful good things has devil’s creation etc It is therefore important you can afford to grow kids with balance social perspective.

Economic Foundation

They say the rich will always be rich and whether you like it or not there is a bit of fact in it. Most rich people have met insert financial liberation in their kids at the early stage. Most of them don’t think of salary even if they will do salary job it will be a big one enough to replicate their expensive life. Poor people loves to manage things, if you offer a poor man 20,000/month even if it against his worth he will take it and not reject, he believes he will manage instead of fighting for the life he deserve he will settle for less. It’s just a mentality.

Self Esteem

It is what you call yourself that men will call you. Self esteem is one the reasons why many cannot interact with their society.  They believe they need cars and houses to convince the society of their opinion. A lot of ideas, dreams, vision etc will die because of inferiority complex. As parent you have got to be a role model.

Please brethren let take our time to offer the best for our kids. Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him. I think they deserve the best. Don’t marry for selfish interests marry because you love your kids.

Lastly, restful future with what one must pursue with all intent.

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Am Joseph sam, love you all.

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