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Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path? [Explained]

For the avoidance of doubt, public utilities is a good career path to pursue because as a professional you are at the heart of maintaining the infrastructure for public service. In other words, yes, the career is good.

According to a research conducted by infidelity, the utilities sector had a market capitalization of over $1.58 trillion. This means the market cap of the public utilities sector is high, and the higher the value, the bigger the companies. And I believe that every professional will like to work at big companies for so many reasons which include good remuneration, mentorship, growth, etc.

The utilities sector includes companies such as electric, gas, or water utilities, or those that operate as producers or distributors of power.

Why Public Utilities Is a Good Career Path

For example, Exelon Corp is one of the biggest public utility companies. And the company believe in developing talent while providing rewarding careers. A career at Exelon means you’ll be at a place where you are respected for your knowledge and skills, acknowledged for your commitment and hard work, and given the opportunities to advance in a variety of fulfilling roles.

Below are the reasons why public utilities is a good career path

Growth: Personal and professional growth is very essential to anyone seeking a good place to work. Also, it is an important attribute of any good job because it allows you to keep learning and advancing in your career. Employee growth is at the heart of most public utility companies.

Salary: According to glassdoor, the national average salary for a Public Utilities Specialist is $75,142 per year for entry-level in the United States. This means your salary will help you meet your basic needs and live comfortably i.e. earning enough to cover your rent or mortgage payment, buy groceries and pay bills while still having expendable income each month.

Job Security: There is a reasonable level of job security for public utilities specialist. Having security in your job means you understand that if you meet expectations, you can remain in that role. This profession is not as crowded as some other careers, so this makes specialist in this career more secure.

10 Big Public Utilities Company You Can Work

  • Électricité de France SA: It is a French state-owned company which provides services such as power generation, transmission, distribution, and trading.
  • Enel SpA: The company is based in Rome, Enel SpA is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets, with a presence in 32 countries and a focus on Europe and Latin America.
  • Engie: It is a French multinational utility providing a broad spectrum of energy and environment services to customers in more than 70 countries.
  • Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings (TKECY): The company generates and distributes electricity through the Tokyo area and several other regions in Japan. An integrated utilities company, the firm utilizes hydroelectric, nuclear, and thermal power sources.
  • E.ON SE: It is a Germany-based company and it is an international energy supplier with operations across Europe. The company’s focus is on power and gas distribution, while it also operates a customer solutions branch which is focused on energy sales, infrastructure, and growth businesses.
  • Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEP): This company generates and distributes electricity for a variety of residential and business uses.
  • Iberdrola SA: It is a Spanish multinational electric utility with operations in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Portugal, and throughout Latin America.
  • Exelon Corp. (EXC): Exelon Corp is one of the largest domestic power generators and it operates as a utility services holding company serving millions of customers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and several other areas of the U.S.
  • Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc (KAEPY): Kansai Electric Power Co. provides electricity to customers in Osaka and the surrounding Kansai region in Japan.
  • Centrica PLC: Centrica primarily supplies electricity and gas to customers across the U.K. and elsewhere in Europe as well as in the U.S.

Finally, to have a successful career as a public utility, you must have excellent communication skills, result-driven, curious, courageous and confident, and ready to learn.

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