Java HelloWorld App

Hello frds, hope today is cool and awesome to you all. Am Olajire O.S your favorite java tutor and am sure your gonna like it.

In simple statement, Java is a programming language use in developing modern day softwares and applications. You might say what can i do with Java. Wow!!! Alot frd.

  1. You can develop an online game app which makes over billion of dollar for the developer
  2. You can make standalone app(Database apps etc)
  3. You can develop standard web app

Who can know it?

Anyone who is interested is permitted to know it. Remember until a man is defeated in vision,passion and purpose you cannot call him a failure yet. So you can be the next bill gate…

How do I start?

Thats a good question. You start by interest and determination not to give up when the journey is rough. Next to it is follow up my post on daily bases. I promise to make it very familiar and simple.

What do i need?

You need your heart. lol, like my heart? Yes you heart. Maybe you think i will say all kinds of stuffs huh? You might be thinking dont i need a system? Yes you need one but if you cant afford it am sure you will see some1 to borrow from. So just get yourself online and get yourself a system but most important is your heart.

Introduction To Java Applications (Input/Output and Operators)

Java HelloWorld App

One of the things you need to know in Java is how to create Java applications. I will be using JCreator IDE (Pick LE 5.10) (It’s a platform that allow you to write your java program with ease and reduce stress of compilation for you). Before installing the Jcreator is need to install latest jdk Java SE Development Kit 8u111 (Java compiler).


Double click on the shortcut link on the desktop.

Click on File menu at the top

Place your cursor on New and then Click on File

There will be a popup window.

Click on Java Classes that has fold like symbol and then click on Java Class that will appear next to it.

Click on next button

Enter File name for this new Java App (I named mine HelloWorld)

You should see something like this :


* @(#)



* @author

* @version 1.00 2016/11/9




public class HelloWorld {


public HelloWorld()










Type 1 Explanation

Commenting in Java: Comment is allow in Java Programming for better understanding of your program and readability for others.

/*       */ This is use when you have more than one line statement or words



This program describe how to write a helloworld application and has a beginner am testing my program with Jcreator


Another type of Comment is single line comment which is //

Eg // This is a single line comment

Type 2 Explanation

Class Declaration: In java every of your application for now will start with class name declaration i.e you give it a name. Class name start with public as keyword which is case sensitive. Later in this class you will know the difference.

Type 3 Explanation

Method Declaration:  For now know that a method in java application must be called Main otherwise your Java Virtual Machine (JVM) will not execute the application.

Type 4

Outputing with System.out.println

This is meant for outputting anything you want your application to bring out. Just imagine ATM machine. Its says INSERT YOUR CARD. That’s an output you get.

Complete Helloworld Program

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String args[]) {

System.out.println(“Hello World”);




Tomorrow will continue. Please comment on this for correction or better way of taking this class Thanks

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