King’s Daughter Part 1

Don’t forget the fastest runner in 1999 world championship ran 9.84 while in 2009 usain bolt ran same 100meter in 9.58. The system is mounting pressure for a high result in a little time, it can only be by wisdom to beat the system.

It is not wisdom to complicate our life if there is no capacity to solve the problem. Albert Einstein said a problem created at level one can only be solve by level two knowledge. This simply points us to a very good wisdom that, do not create a problem if you don’t have the capacity to attain the knowledge required to solve it. Any attempt to such can lead to frustration. We all need check and balance in our daily life and planning is no lack of faith rather precaution that will keep you until you understand the ways of life.

Call it simple

One of the most powerful tools in humans is improvement and ability to make difficult things simple which is what the devil does not have. He cannot improve nor make difficult things simple. Every of his solutions is complicated while humans have a tendency of a powerful future.

One of the attribute of faith is simplicity and I will not lie I just get to know that. Every solutions God provides is practical demonstration of simplicity. Whatever that makes life more rigorous for you cannot be God.

In this view I want you to see the principle of marriage and relationship. I define problem as confusion made complicated, and the only way of solving problems is calmness and taking it easy. It is therefore wisdom to slow down when there is lack of clarity. In Chinese films I learnt “until you learn mastery of your skill you might be in danger of being killed.” Everybody has swords in Chinese war films only masters of sword live to see the end.

Note: Not everybody will fight but everyone in war zone is in danger of death. It is therefore important to know how to live in your own capacity.

The Creation of God

Improve: He made all things nothing made wasn’t created by him. Yet he put man to cultivate it. Any man without improve mentality i.e making it better mentality can only be a tool for destruction. If a river isn’t flowing it will develop stinking structure. Whatever I cannot improve it is in my nature to hand it over to someone who can or leave it. Frustration is the result of inability to improve things which later introduce complicated stress. Stress is normal thing frustration is an unhandled stress.

In this light, a relationship you cannot improve is there a need to deep your hands into it? Insecurity is reflections of inferiority while inferiority is lack of improve values. God never created a rich man, poor man or average man rather male and female created he them. It is in our right and decision to peak someone you can improve her state to avoid unnecessary frustration. Religion with good doctrine is good but the best is way, truth and life. This is an era people give testimonies that are pure divine exception intervention of God in their lives as a standard of God.

Note: Divine exception of God is not his standard that is his act of sovereignty. That you escape does not mean you follow standard, he might not repeat it for another man.

Whenever a male cannot fulfill is God’s given divine mandate he feels threaten. It is therefore important every male man peak a woman he can handle or another way a woman should say yes to a male man she can submit to.

Hmm what shall I say? That there is error? No that the transparency of our day is becoming nakedness? Maybe. Well I was told if you blind the eye of a man shouldn’t you give him a walking sticking? The shallow waters didn’t become shallow, it lack substance before embarking in its journey. Capacity is not an interest it is increase in values. Huh men don’t build three storey building on a foundation of a storey building yet will see people called this faith.

To improve requires adequate capacity there is no stipulated age to marriage. If the capacity to make it better isn’t there be sure of frustration.

Storms: This comes to test the quality of material in use in any building. Except the systems (Religion, government, social and environment etc) equipped male man as a quality material they cannot survive or hold the storm of marriage. Storms are stop by raising standard eg finance standard, educational, knowledge and understanding standard, social etc The pressure the systems of the world especially in Africa is mounting on males in achieving this standards are too much and yet the adversary is still there called the devil. Many marriages failing today is as a result of incapacitated males the systems have produced. No matter how knowledgeable a farmer is without his tools to work he will seems like any other unserious farmer. Knowledge doe not bring freedom only empowered knowledge delivers. The skillfulness in knowledge of every man cannot be discover until you give him/her the platform. Relationship/marriage is a whole bulk of responsibilities if you don’t have the tools that answer to these responsibilities you will definitely look irresponsible, unsuccessful and probably it can tear down your marriage.

Lesson Learnt

  1. Equipping or possessing the right knowledge that supply understanding about Relationship and Marriage.
  2. Operating on empowered knowledge i.e finding your own garden of Eden. Please note: Adam didn’t struggle for Eden God gave it to him. This is what makes me cry daily because this is what is stopping many males. Many males are idle like the 11th hour guys because the system of this world has left huge space in garden provision.
  3. Facing the test: Never be afraid of storms because we are born to overcome it.
  4. Note: Don’t allow your current state to terminate the God given king’s mentality in us. Never build your future on management mentality. Approach everything in life with excellent and best though your current state might be somehow but one day your best mentality will make ways for you.


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God bless.

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