Lovely and interesting poem on Feminism

It is exhausting and I am tired of fighting

The war against absurdity in the making

I am fighting, I am fighting!

Issues concerning women displayed on TVs

As a second choice, we are gawked and guffed at

Too many words and insults at that!


My voice relinquished and suppressed

Inability to tell the world, I am oppressed

That as a girl child and a woman

I have the right as that of a man

But man of authority tells me,

‘You are nothing’ and the abuse mutual

Why do you harness so much power, dear man?

When you are not my God?



I seek revenge in my forlorn hope

At those who wish to accept

Feminism, an hypothetical reality

And find solace in gender equality

Instead of being shoved like a whore about

And tagged weak and interminably submissive

I am fighting, I am fighting

Till my last breath reels near



I have been devalued and dehumanized

Segregated and rejected because of Jeffrey Dahmer

For it is expedient I demonize equality

From this patriarchal society I bask in

Rather to let it fly high like the bird in the sky

Disgust, hate and reproach hunts me

Hence, I would spill every chaff of truth

And smash inequality, seal a truce rather than stay mute!




This poem was written by Lamina Ifeoluwa (Lamzy). He is a very good and interesting poet.


You can also read his blog www.pecancrew01.blogspot.com.ng and read some of his interesting poems

Bolarinwa Olajire

A lecturer, Educationist, PhD student at FUNAAB, and a Blogger.

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