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How to Increase Max Upload file size cpanel

This tutorial is on how to increase max upload file size in phpmyadmin. Cpanel file manager upload limit is the online version of what we call localhost offline, they are both the same. I will try to discuss where php.ini file in cpanel and also in offline server is.

This tutorial is also applicable to max upload size in wordpress and other related open source program.


Cpanel max upload size

Step 1: Please log on to your cpanel eg (http://www.mysite.com/cpanel) and search for MultiPHP INI Editor or go to software tab and click on it.

Step 2: It takes you to another window where you will find Configure PHP INI basic settings and select the web address or directory you want to change the settings. Eg you select your website or wordpress url address.

Step 3: Options will be push out for you and right there you scroll down to upload_max_filesize  and you input your limit eg 100M or 200M.


Offline max upload size

Go to your local server eg c:\ wamp\bin. Then look for php with type (those files are in different type) configuration settings. Then double click on it or right click to open with notepad. Then press ctrl+F (to find) and type upload_max_filesize. It will take you directly to where you can find it. And then put any figure you feel like putting. Eg 100M or something. Close it and reboot your server. Sometimes it takes time to reflect just keep rebooting your server until you see the change.

Note: you can do the same for your apache too.

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