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How To Produce Hair Cream And Liquid Air Freshner

Hair cream and liquid air freshener production is one of the good business ideas. And this is because of its high demand by customers. Every home needs a hair cream and liquid air freshener. Therefore, knowing how to produce this two product couple with your marketing strategy will generate good income for you and make you successful in the business.

One good thing about these business ideas is that you don’t need huge capital to start it. You can start with the little amount on you and with time the business can be on a large scale production. Also you can make it for your own personal use without going to market to purchase.

This article lists the formulations for the products and the method of production.

Formulation of hair cream production

  • Petroleum Jelly (4kilo)
  • Mineral Oil (6Lt)
  • Paraffin Wax (1/8kilo)
  • Lonalin (1/8kilo)
  • Glycerine (1/8 Lt)
  • Vitamin E (1/8Lt)
  • Coconut Oil (1/8Lt)
  • Fragrance (to taste)
  • Colour(oil type) (to taste)

Method of production

  • Petroleum jelly and paraffin wax goes into your making pot put fire on and allow it to be melted
  • Add all the chemical, that is Lanolin, Glycerine, vitamin E, coconut oil and stir well
  • Now put the fire off and add your fragrance and colour, all have to be well mixed

NOTE: You need to take 1LT of the (petroleum jelly)that is in own pot before pouring it into the main production. Package for sale.



Chemicals needed for liquid air freshner:

  • Perfume –Ambipour
  • Texapon
  • Methanol (methenol)
  • Camphor
  • Colour (water soluble)
  • C .M.C
  • Water



Water-  25Lts

Colour – to taste

CMC- one tablespoonful

Perfume- Ambipour- 1Lt

Texapon- 1/2kg

Methanol -1/2Lt

Camphor -1/4kg


Method of production of liquid air freshner

  • Pour the water into the plastic bowl and add one tablespoonful of CMC and mix well

Note: Use 1/2Lt of water and mix the CMC very well before pouring it into the main water. The same goes to colour. Now mix all very well

  • Pour the perfume which have been mix with texapon into it and stir very well
  • Add methanol which have been mix with camphor into it and stir all well very well. Allow it for some hours or a day then you bottle it.

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