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The blood circulatory system of vertebrates consists of
When a colour-blind man marries a carrier woman. What is the probability of their offspring being colour blind?
A tall plant crossed with a dwarf one produces offspring of which half are tall and half are dwarf. What are the genotypes of the parents?
The transfer of pollen grains from the anther to a receptive stigma is
Which of the following structures is adapted for feeding in a bird of prey?
The highest percentage of energy in an ecosystem occurs at level of the
A plant tissue that carries water and mineral salts is the
Which of the following statements is true of the interaction?
The diseases caused by water-borne pathogens include
The correct base pairing for DNA is
Darwin is considered the first scientist who correctly explained the theory of
The part of the mammalian skin involved in excretion is the
The stem of a typical aquatic plant usually has many
Water fleas, wood lice and barnacles belong to the group
During the manufacture of food by plants, which of the following organisms use energy from the sun?

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