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The graphs of the function y = x2 + 4 and a straight line PQ are drawn to solve the equation x2 +3x + 2 = 0. What is the equation of PQ?
A bag contains 5 black, 4 white, and x red marbles. If the probability of picking a red marble is 2/5, find the value of x
Three consecutive terms of a geometric progression are given, as n - 2, n, and n + 3. Find the common ratio
An aeroplane flies due north from airports P to Q and then flies due east to R. If Q is equidistant from P to R. Find the bearing of P to R.
If tan x = 5 /4, find sin2 x - cos2 x
Find the number of committees of three that can be formed consisting of two men and one women from four men and three women
A bag contains 5 black balls and 3 red balls. Two balls are picked at random without replacement. What is the probability that a black and a red balls are picked?
In a class of 40 students, 32 offer mathematics, 24 offer physics and 4 offer neither mathematics nor physics. How many offer both mathematics and physics?
By how much is the mean of 30, 56, 31, 55, 43, and 44 less than the median
Find the derivative of (2 +3x)(1 - x) with respect to x
Two dice are thrown. What is the probability that the sum of the numbers is divisible by 3?
A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 5cm and 9cm. If the area is 21cm2, find the distance between the parallel sides
If y = 3sin(-4x), dy/dx is
Find the value of x for which the function 3x3 - 9x2 is minimum
Find the value of p, if the line which passes through (-1, -p) and (-2p, 2) is parallel to the line 2y + 8x - 17 = 0

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