Relationship in New Testament

The principles of the kingdom is not on variables rather it’s on absolute accuracy and authenticity of the word. Every kingdom principle revolves round “anywhere”, “anything”, “anyone” can apply the principle and get result. In whatsoever way any principle which cannot provide the same result by everyone, everything, and everywhere is absolutely not kingdom principle no matter how beautifully it was quoted or whosoever quoted it. For the bible says this grace appeareth onto all men.

The Designer Came

For the word himself to have come to the world not by speaking but physically to demonstrate his plans and purpose makes it serious.

His coming was an affirmation of the established new covenants which works under new principles and instructions by demonstrating this covenant under the wicked condition a man can ever think of or found himself in. He came to prove the covenant first by himself before giving it out. It’s therefore important we understood every inch of this covenants.

Conditions that surrounds the covenant

Poor Background: How do you expect a man whose purpose is to change the world given birth to in a manger among animals? I mean the devil must have busted into laughter calling God crazy for picking Jesus who has no platform, educational background/history, can’t speak English because he never spoke one etc will be capable of changing his world or achieving his plans and purpose? How would you have pick Jesus as a real man? What principle our relationship speakers will use to identify Jesus as a real man? Even his brothers don’t believe him, would you have said yes to Jesus whose family members don’t believe in his ability?

Poor government: Now this is just not a government that is lacking understanding of running government and at the same time neither understood democracy where everyone is free. Jesus did ministry under the tenure of King Herod who killed babies under 2years. Do you think killing adults will be an issue? If people couldn’t protest against the killings of babies, who will stand up for a poor Jesus who had no physical connection nor background still didn’t sit at his father’s house who was a carpenter and his son was busy claiming he came to save the world, he is here to change the world. A man whose family members hated. Listen carefully if you are a relationship speaker would you have recommended Jesus to any sister who has degrees, maybe PHD studied medicine etc?

Friends: Come and see someone who is claiming he will change the world, his best dude was someone called Peter a fisher man who cannot use the bottom of a bottle to write anything I mean a stack illiterate. If you quoted “the bird of a feather flew together” would you have been right in your judgment? Please be sincere because these are all the principles they are teaching us, when you see the friend of a man you can determine the man bla bla bla. No can you imagine those whom Jesus is planning to hand over his plans and purpose to were majorly illiterates?

The greatest challenge

Am telling you Jesus is crazy if he is not crazy he would not come with foolish idea he called wisdom and it takes crazy people to believe him because they need to apply foolish idea to gain his wisdom. Now don’t you think what am writing is crazy?

Be sincere would you have allowed your beautiful daughter marry Jesus whom Herod is looking for and most especially the chief priest and larger percent of teachers of the law were against? Now see this picture imagine these sets of men of God are against a brother: Bishop David oyedepo, Rev Olusola Areogun, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Pst E.A Adeboye, Bro Gbile Akanni etc while thieves, prostitutes and sinners are the customers buying the services of this so called brother will you have given out your daughter to him? Will you marry such a man? Jesus is a critical unserious brother by all humans’ standard and never thought of going to school. He’s practically crazy I mean please picture it very well to see.

Conflicting Principles

A man must have vision: How will you know a man that has vision? Will you believe Jesus has any reasonable vision by this statement “repent, the kingdom of God has come”? Infact does that statement looked like a vision or purpose statement that can convince you that Jesus has something to offer? Can someone prove to me that everyman with a vision will have a wonderful lasting relationship? Because I want to know how vision and relationship are related to each other that it’s now a requirement of identifying a man that will have lasting relationship.

Finance: Come and see this crazy Jesus again huh he want to change the world and yet has no dine in any account, no house, no car, no promising Job because he has no certificate and still not thinking of joining politics. I need someone out there to tell me the truth because am shouting right here. I saw it long time ago how pressure and stress will reduce the effectiveness of males in the world, they sapped males world strength by telling them they have no vision, no money, no educational background therefore you are not a man and now males are competing, living a survival life because does who do not know anything about males are teachers of law of relationship.

How will you have interpreted it?

Imagine any of the respected men of God you know told you to marry Jesus at any point in time in his early life and your sweet loving husband dies after 3years of your wedding, what will you have called that man of God? Do you think there will be anyone to call your marriage with Jesus a success? Please think about it.

My sweet Jesus

Am crying right now because Jesus Christ is a strange man, a man whom I would not have believe in him if I were to be present in his earthly ministry yet I would have missed all this experience am having with him now. He’s such a good quiet man, whose identity is wrapped in a single word.

Every situation and lifestyle of Jesus practically negates the principles of identifying a real man. You would have definitely written him off if you want to be sincere yet is the best guy you can ever marry to. The bottom line of this discussion is you couldn’t have marry Jesus based on some principles.

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God bless you.

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