The Faith that groans

Topic: The Faith that groans

Text: 2cor3:18

Song: We are desperate people we want more Lord *2

Am tired of this stethoscope is gonna be more of this

Its gonna be more gonna be more it gonna be more of this

Messages of the Day

If you are not ready to be beating don’t enter the circle, hall of champions is not meant for everyone even the kingdom of God. Our actions are proves of how much value something hold.

What you don’t want you don’t watch, if you want to enter the circles of champions not cowards in this kingdom then get up. Say no, no one brought two heads from even Jesus brought one. Be like the Berea Christians, its time for the sons to rise.

I remember the holyghost told me those you see as champions today were once scared, made mistakes and knows nothing I trained them. If you (me) avail yourself I (Holyghost) will make something big of you.

The Journey to a Change Christian Journey

I got so tired of my Christian, I didn’t look like Jesus neither am I seeing this Man called Jesus in the life of those around me. Until you get tired of falling today and rising tomorrow, lack of power and manifestation etc no distinguish difference between you and an unbeliever. Then stand to look for an answer, don’t just be a nominal Christian, be impactful, and shake your world with your experience with Jesus.

Never knew it was meant for Everyone

I was invited as a brother to a meeting like two month ago. While ministration the word I saw everyone already on their kneel I mean everyone praying so hard, the whole room was filled up with his presence after much time laying hands on people I closed the meeting. Where I was seated a brother came to me before talking about what he came for he fell on the ground rolling seriously I was scared because that has never happened in any of my meetings. I said could this be the anointing my pastor use to say or something else because I wasn’t expecting such.

You don’t know what you are missing

You don’t yet know how much God wanted you to have a taste of this grace. You don’t know how much he wanted you close to him and depends on him.

Song: You’re a good good father

His who you are is what you are

That am love by you

Stands Two (You are perfect in all your ways *2)

You’re a good good father

His who you are is what you are

You don’t know how good he is yet. No born devil stands my way. Before typing this post I travelled 12hours yesterday on my way were arm robbers shooting at our car you can’t imagine the calmness. There is more…

Until you groan

Every emerging champion understood the meaning of race. What you don’t desire you can’t acquire. Unless there is a burning desire in you for reality forget manifestation. I can’t count number of times I cry alone bitterly because I want to see the Man Called Jesus. I needed him so much, am dying in sin, demons are tormenting everynight, and life was getting on my nerves.

Yes he did come to rescue me from their powers. Nov 8 he came to my room 11pm showing how much he love me I wept so much. His real no one told me this I knew it with proves.

Maybe there is More

You could say it loud am tired of falling everyday I want to stand. Moses wasn’t falling yet he was th closest buddy to God, can you just imagine such a torrent of God’s power Moses spirit stands on daily bases. One day the holyghost challenge me he said SON STAND, unbeliever can be falling like mosquitoes not you and I. It’s time to build a sound spirit for the Lord presence.

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord… Job1:6 KJV

Arise shine for thy light has come… Isa60:1

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