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The Power of Vision

Write the vision down, and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Without passion every race is futile and there is no relay race that someone has not run it the speed of accomplishment is what differs. Every authentic vision put its carrier to a run they don’t need encouragement or be pet to run, the capacity of the vision is in them to run the vision successfully without any dependence.

Contents in Vision

Intoxicating: Genuine vision intoxicate like wine, it influences the carrier it drives him/her crazily until the end. No vision leaves you wanting nor turns you to a beggar for executing it. No no noo vision is too powerful to beg I tell you he will rather die trying than bow celebrating. Even a little girl can identify a drunken man that the world has not known you for something there is something wrong in your vision.

Instruction: Every authentic vision comes with a step by step instruction to follow. There is no how there wouldn’t be principles that leads to the final result of your vision or else it’s not a vision maybe a dream or goal you have. Any vision without instruction and principles is a dream.

History: They say “a pin that will not get lost must have a rope tied to it” Any untraceable vision will be lost in the oceans of life. If you are serious with your vision you will join the league of elders. History is not just a story it’s a spirit if you care to honor it. History gives you a source, leverage over others, experience you never work for etc you need history.

Voice: Every vision has a voice, it can speak and will speak. No any vision carrier has any form of softness in response to attack against the vision. The world is not gentle you can’t possess any form of gentility in bringing your vision to reality.

What vision needs?

Vision doesn’t just come into reality there are things to do that provoke and attract men of like minds to join you.

Loyalty: Don’t expect men to pursue a vision that you the carrier aren’t loyal to. It can’t work they must see loyalty in you first.

Faithfulness: This is the power of faith, your believe in your vision. If you don’t know faith is contagious and can spread like cancer all over your surroundings. You don’t need to beg men to join you it’s a force of attraction they will come when your faithfulness is tested.

Excellence: You see this is not 13th century where you can bambuzz people this is 21th century things have change drastically. So you need modern application and resources to pull your vision to its altitude. It can be little but give it your best.

Commitment: This is your dedication and resolution to your vision you must be determined to stand by your vision at any cost, all situation etc you will not say its hunger that made you quit.

Note: There is nothing impossible to a man of faith, you have to believe in yourself first by fueling the oil of passion in you. Men must see your commitment and believe in you.

God bless.

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