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The truth about the road to success

I was browsing through the internet and I saw a caption “the road to success isn’t easy, you have to follow the rules for you to be successful”. I meditated on the caption and I was convinced that it is true. One of the things that human beings hate is following rules because one is conditioned by rules. Rules are like restriction placed on one’s path and we don’t always resonate with anything that can make us conform to a certain status quo. There is this common attitude which is “let me do it the way I know it best”. This kind of attitude is against the pattern required to get the desired result. Gravity is a law and there is nothing that can be done against it, we can only use it to our favour.

1Corinthians 9:25 – 24 “And every man that strives for mastery is temperate in all things…, I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beats the air”. This verse is explaining to us what Paul did in order to obtain a set goal of his. He puts himself under such condition in order to achieve a certain goal. He understood the rules and he played by it.

What you need to know on your way to success:

The road to success isn’t easy

The uneasiness of the road is the first truth you must acknowledge. This simple truth would have got your mind prepared as you journey through the road to success. There is nothing as deceptive as saying success is easy. It can only be easy when you understand the rules by the game and you are ready and willing to play by the rules. There are demands you must meet that may not be natural with you which you must do in order to get to where you are going. I prefer knowing that something isn’t that easy than discovering later that it is difficult after I was told it is easy. Knowing earlier would have gotten me prepared before setting out for the journey.

There are rules and principles guiding every road

There is nothing that you want to set out to do that doesn’t have rules guiding it. If you want to go into business and you want to be successful, there are some tips to success that you must abide with. If you want to be a leading doctor, engineer, lecturer, etc. there are rules you must abide with before you can achieve such height in life. Imagine a student that refuses to study or attend classes, such student is already embracing failure. Such is applicable to all spheres, there are requirement you must fulfilled before you can be a candidate for success. Success will be far from you when you failed to obey the rules or the principles.

Some years back, I had issues securing a job with big coy, I was always receiving rejection mails from those companies. The recruitments were transparent and purely on merit. I discovered that those that were offered employment knew the rules and how to play by the rules. Until you meet the requirement you can’t get anything meaningful in life. Although, this statement may look harsh but it is the truth.

“The road to success isn’t easy, you have to follow the rules for you to be successful”

Bolarinwa Olajire

A lecturer, Educationist, PhD student at FUNAAB, and a Blogger.

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