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Transition in systems

One big fact we must understand and take cognizance of when dealing with future is transition in systems. Let me take you in some historical events and changes in seasons with their occurrences. For about 2000years from Abraham time to the early church, the world economy (how people live, means of income, standard of living of people) is sorely based on the following farming, herding, special skills & crafts, slavery, military & government work, religious work etc these you can verify from various historical books. Right until the time the roman government and ancient Egypt began development of roads basically for ease in transportation brought about a change to the learning of construction works and development though the various world economy as at then brought about education i.e the act of learning a skill by being taught how to read, write, learn and teach.

Though education wasn’t made available to less privilege but was available for some people of certain backgrounds. Therefore it became one of the most determinant systems of differentiating men in society. Since it’s a tool of making a clear difference, the elites poured in more resources for effectiveness of the system for the purpose of making clearer difference. So it became a powerful tool in reaching the mountain top of the world economy. I hope you are following me because am driving you to a point of clarity. So education became an established system required for making an effective change in the world system.

Every part of the world began to experience these changes and proposed different platforms in achieving it. In Nigeria it is 6years in primary school, 6years in secondary school, 4years in higher institution.

It is therefore highly important for anyone about to be in relationship in 21st century to understand the determinant force for impacting the world system. Promises of a great impactful future promised by your partner will nearly be impossible to reach its peak of impact without this system. Therefore don’t be deceived, God doesn’t jump process. Give God the right tool and you will enjoy a good Christian life. Many of what my countrymen called devil is lack of governmental provision.

The Place of Education in Rediscovering the Future

It’s so devastating to hear this statement from a young Christian brother “It is not to him that runneth, the race is not to the swift because education means nothing nor certificate determine greatness.” I was technically not happy because the weight of this statement is completely a show of a damaged mentality concerning success. I felt like, that God is doing miracles or turning lives around overnight does it negate the fact that he feeds his own children on the table? Does it mean that God has no reckon for education? That Nigeria government made education looks crazy doesn’t mean education can be replaced in this century with spirituality. We must be very careful in replacing what education only can achieve for spirituality as a minister or else you will be building members with coarse mentality about the power of education as a world standard in possessing mountain tops in the society. How can we wake up one morning and says 6-6-4 educational platform in Nigeria or any other country is a waste or doesn’t mean anything, which possibly we all passed through? Am afraid that all this supernatural blessings and overnight turnaround preaching is affecting the concentration of many youths to the importance of education as a seal of approval in the society. Are we now saying we have no intention, no purpose sending our kids to school? And ofcourse that statement is borne out of frustration many graduate are facing in Nigeria due to the result many came out with in higher institution which practically made it impossible for many to live comfortable as a graduate. I myself didn’t come out with best result but yet God told me for brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron. God said to me i will determine the speed at which i will see his workings in my life. Never will you hear from me certificate is useless because I failed in school come to church and see wonders hum ofcourse there is wonders in God but be careful of the in between lines interpretation we are portraying, I failed because am not serious to it.

And ofcourse do not forget there are channels to achieving ones dream in life. Lots of many who achieved their dreams in life with bad result in institution are greatly skilled in other areas. Example bill gate didn’t finish school but will you underestimate the power of what his thinking ability can produce? Well he has proved it; what of bishop david oyedepo went to kwara poly, will you underestimate his understanding in church planting? Well he has proves etc So before comparing or using men that came out with bad results in institutions which are now wealthy as an example please understand the extent of their areas of skillfulness in combating with the challenges/pressures that follow bad result. If you dare underestimate the power of education in this century you will be daze and watch your dreams sinking in the oceans of life.

To the younger generation out there please pay close attention to your academics if you have no other means of combating with the situation at hand. Concentrating on love relationship in school will not land your flight well. And if you believe you have skills you are positive and confident of then I will say give it all your best to prove yourself or else you will be mocked by the pressures that comes with failure of concentrating on your academics.

To older generation (Fathers and Mothers) help us, please help us close the gap that comes with bad result in higher institutions. I believed if education in Nigeria is well structured and we are allow to study the course of our choice/drive with no much challenges in admission, we will come out with excellent results. I therefore stand for millions of youths out there, that simply because of lack of education or bad result has reduced the man in them, low self esteem and lack of identity in the society, please fathers create a platform for us to fight back, we can still regain our youths back, rescue us from devourers in this nation who are eating our future with their present at odd age. I know you heard me fathers.

Who can impact a system?

I want to make this point very clear with no apology to any soul that men who make impact are not hungry men. They are men whose heart yearns and groans for a change not frustrated men that life has sap their strength and then join a movement of fighters. Huh these set of frustrated men are those who finds comfortability or taste of wealth and forget the course of the movement. These set of men are those whose passion for a change is strictly based on their ordeals in life not necessarily interested in fighting for anybody future, they are hungry men. Should I continue to talk on these set of men? No I will rather drop my pen and speak in my mother tongue concerning men with groaning for change.

Combating with a system for the purpose of impacting the system for a change can be a life time assignment. This goes beyond yourself it is sowing a future you foresee happening in the present. It is completely the mentality of a farmer requiring all your attention, time and strength to fight the battle. Let me say this lastly the journey to the great future of any nation or system are the youths. Pay attention to youths rediscover the future.

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