Understanding religion and its influences

Topic: Understanding religion and its influences

Religion is a given definition or expression of the ways of deities by humans or an act of pleasing deities by following some particular practices. I want to believe you are not of the sect that believes there are no gods? And ofcourse their evidences are all around us.

In the obscurity of excellent ways of life men began to stumble upon degrees of erroneous indignation of life which has made many to rise and fall. Today one of the most powerful forces is religion which has its root in ancient collective perspectives of men. You can hardly pin point who started a particular practices or the concept behind it.



Channels to religion’s power in our society

Death: The strongest hold of religion is her explanation of after life experiences, the very suspense of every human. You can’t bit it, religion remains the only system that explains this. The day human get their freedom from death religion will go into extinction. The fear of after life experience is a greater key to religion stability in our society and unfortunately there is no other system that gives detail and well prescribes practices that lead to after life experience like religion. You see the issue the world is facing with religion is beyond some educationist, religion deals with core fear of human nature and explains how they can get it. How do you deal with such?

Spiritual World: Religion takes it root from the midst of deities, so religion believes it’s above every human understanding. And to human disadvantage we believe in strange things with evidence though pose an attitude of unacceptability. Religion remains the only system that explains spiritual world in our world, especially how to connect to this realm which no other system has been able to do.

Purpose: This is the point at which other systems began to combat with religion, “the purpose of living”. The socio-system has taken a lead over religion in this aspect by explaining the fundamental reasons of human purpose on earth which is undoubtly functional and evidential in result. And ofcourse religion has embattle socio-system on her structures to purposeful living for humans but yet to take over because religion lacks structural pattern that respects human’s interest and likes in purposeful living. All religion offers in this subject is another practices to seek the deities for purposeful living which seems complicated and becoming too stressful for humans to bear. So larger percentage broke out on this subject to what socio-system offers concerning purpose of living.

How religion influences our society

Without no doubt the greatest fear of humanity is religious war where your father, mother, friends and relatives can suddenly become your enemy. So religion has become a soft tender part in which we are careful of touching.

Culture: Either we like it or not religion is the fundamental source of culture. Infact religion gave culture 90% of her definitions and practices. Religion wouldn’t have taken much influence if not for the introduction of culture which makes it difficult to uproot in the society. Every human possess the nature of culture because it nature includes belief system, value system, customs, habit and behaviors. No wonder culture is a bone of contention in our society, difficult to disregard due to its historical lineage and impact.  Unless there is a right culture you cannot have a right society but two sweet things about culture is: it can be influence by external forces or change the source generating the natures embed in culture. Note: You cannot eradicate culture.

Problems and Answers: As humans embrace socio-system for living suddenly they realize there are situations/circumstances beyond their power which brought them back to religion. Note: if you have ever hated religion wait until the time something greater than your power comes your way. Be slow in judging others. This aspect of religion is the very reason for the existence of religion. What do you say? Well to me I say religion has come to stay.

Consequences: Not all humans can withstand the fear given by religion when you disobey her rules. It comes with huge consequences which will make any reasonable human to think twice before going against it.

History: In a lost world like ours where larger percentage of humans don’t know what to do with  their lives and completely lost the history to humanity, religion gave them a history, a lineage, an origin, an identity to their existence.

My question is how do you think such a system like this will not continue in our world with all these features that other systems cannot provide answers to?

Note: My purpose of writing this piece is to drive us down to the source of relationship and marriage concept which has been presumptuously accepted to belong to deities and ofcourse we will look into it.

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