Who to say yes to Part 3?

In the beginning it was not so, everything he created was good and pleasing but not perfect. God never created a perfect world rather a good and pleasing one for men to dwell in.

So the goal of a man is to push the good world God created to a better world and if possible best/perfect world. God has that perfection beauty design of the world with him, looking towards men that will seek out his heart to discover that design.

Marriage is not an exception in this design, he gave men a prototype of what he is expecting, he laid the foundation to built upon, a foundation that never fail nor breaks. It cut across nations, cultures, tradition etc name it. He is indeed a master builder.

In the beginning

The first marriage that occurred in the bible, the last time I checked I never found a place where eve said YES, she only followed him. The same thing with Isaac and rebekah, she only said “I will go” but never saw Isaac face to face. The question we should be asking ourselves is what gave her the guarantee that Isaac is going to be a great husband? What convince her? What is that thing that rooted her faith in what she has not seen? God is never an author of confusion, he has no plan for anybody to be suffering, he is too wealthy to possess poverty and management life mentality. Whatever he does he plans it well before dipping his leg into it. For Christ sake rebekah accepted marriage proposal without courtship no relationship/friendship no dating. So what are we talking about yet that marriage last and bear seed for God. So obvious humans are the one that complicated marriage themselves, God never complicated it.

You see no matter how we want to explain this, experience in marriage counseling is part of external influences, it can work for some and not work for others. The problem experience has caused in marriage, especially in choosing is more than what the devil has done. Except we abide by the rules and understand that anybody who captures the purpose of marriage will have happy home reason being that marriage is one of the oldest institution of God, it’s not a religious thing.

Complication in marriage principles

To be free from unnecessary anxiety that we have load ourselves with is understanding the simple pattern that God laid in marriage.

Everybody is good for marriage: As long as God is still giving the fruit of the womb which is male and female, he is still saying marriage is available unto all and all is good. Before talking about the devil, the first thing you should know is, God created marriage for humans not spirit. Spirits don’t marry but can use marriage to torture you. So whenever you see any human (male or female) have it in your mind he/she is good for me because God created it good.

Differentiating Vessel from God’s will

This is one of the biggest complication in marriage and it boils down to religion. Marriage principle is available unto all religion because that’s the channel for recreation. That was why God created it first after creation, there was neither religion nor tribes then.

God’s will in marriage is therefore not a religion thing, it is available both for Christians, Muslims, Buddhism etc everybody because it’s a channel for recreation. It is an earthly thing they don’t marry in heaven. That you have happy home doesn’t mean God isn’t going to throw you to hell. Infact he might help you in choosing the partner and yet you do not meet up with his standard in entering heaven. So what is God’s will? God’s will is the spiritual mind of God concerning a matter, therefore God’s will as nothing relate to appearance. So the only way to conceive God’s will is in a vessel but the vessel is not God’s will rather God’s will (the spiritual mind of God concerning a matter) contained in a vessel is what makes the vessel his will. I hope you understand me?

So if God reveals his will in marriage to you, he is not talking about the vessel rather telling you that that vessel is a carrier of his mind or possessed ability to express his mind concerning marriage or your future. Please pay attention here: God can express his will via any vessel or in another words his will can be conceive by any vessel which makes that vessel right for you. That any vessel can conceive God’s mind at a point in time is what makes all vessel good for marriage. That is why marriage can be heal by God easily irrespective of religion you are into because all it takes is to ensure that any partner having issue can conceive his mind on marriage that’s all.

Let me Go religion alittle with you

God told the children of Israelite don’t marry an outside that’s all. Except for priests and Levites that there were some little further instruction and it wasn’t something big. This simply means only those with the same mindset about life can get marriage successful God wasn’t saying Israelite are the only one good for marriage with that law but was only protecting his will he had taught them which will be difficult for any other nation or tribe to cope with. The will of God with Israelite (vessel) which was not available in any other nation brought about the law of marrying Israelite. So to protect your believe system is to marry someone with the same system. And this principle is general.

Who decide the vessel?

That a vessel is carrying God’s will does it mean it’s good for you? That’s a big question. Don’t forget what I said earlier marriage principle is not religion it’s an earthly thing mainly for recreation purpose (Multiply, increase and fill the earth was the commandment abi?). Therefore anybody is qualify to carry God’s will for marriage including a Muslim or a Christian, it’s not a religious thing even though every religion has there God’s will these days. I will get to speak on why it is necessary to look into religious believe system but now am laying some critical foundation of marriage.

God doesn’t decide the vessel (if God tells you who to marry someone he is not referring to the vessel rather his will in the vessel), you will be the one to decide the vessel alright because any vessel can carry his will. It is not only Christians that God created marriage for ok other religion too has take in this matter and God can never boycott them. They too have sweet home like any other even some herbalists have mutual understanding in marriages than many religious folks. There are worldly people whose home is sweet if you have not seen one I can give you examples of unbelievers that has sweet home. He doesn’t beat his wife, taking care of his family, I mean a wonderful husband yet he isn’t a Christian. Please erase all this mentality that tie marriage to religion it is met for everyone.

So you are the one that decide the vessel in marriage. If your vessel understand what marriage entails be sure of happy home not because of his religion that why you are enjoying the marriage but because he/she understood what marriage entails. That’s why a Christian can marry a Muslim and they have nice home. It’s a mutual understanding. Infact western part of Nigeria has lots of this marriages and have seen one practically doing well till today and have met friends from this home with high standard and good concept about life. Marriage is earthly.

Why is it you that decide the vessel?

Because God knew division will take place on earth and there will be diverse religion claiming to know him and wanted to ensure he keeps marriage running on earth till he comes to judge humanity, he has to ensure he didn’t make a particular vessel his will but retain his will with him why you choose the vessel of your choice among all the division and he will show you the will. That’s why God will never be responsible for home break. God only shows his will in a vessel you choose.

What is a vessel?

A vessel is a container that possesses the ability to retain God in him. This simply means a human being is the vessel. God is too wise to be put in a corner too dynamic for our small mind to relegate. He knew all humans are vessel definitely there will be differences and ofcourse if they cannot work out their differences even if they both are carrying his will the marriage will still fail. Now this is where the problem lays. Two things makes marriage work out: Understanding the vessel and the will of God for marriage. Marriage is not destiny oriented what you need for marriage is wife what you need for destiny is partner. Please get it clear. And ofcourse your wife can be your destiny partner but she must be able to switch between the two responsibilities.

Note: God is a spirit and he is too dynamic for I and you, so sometimes he can decide to bring two people into marriage in a divine way but be careful in following experiences that is divinely arranged by God. Divine arrangement of God doesn’t mean he is negating the normal fundamental rules of engagement. Many of this set of folks with divine arrangement by God contributed to unnecessary rules in marriage.

Fundamental rules of engagement

It will be good you understand that not all vessels with God’s will in them have the capacity to manifest the will of God in them. This is what makes the vessel highly important in choice of marriage. A lot of vessel (folks) carries God’s will but lack the strength of productivity. A lot of vessels are like mountains in appearance but mountains with cracks on the inside while other vessels with God’s will are doing God’s will in marriage with pains and regret because every vessel with God’s will but not yet mould will lack the ability for beautification in marriage.

Beautification in marriage:

Believe system: This imply means understanding the differences between each other and see if possible to live mutually together can be a reality. A lot of people think God’s will negate this rule. The way we reason in life goes along way in our mutual existence and creating beautiful life for each other. Don’t be surprise ordinary tooth paste can separate home, I mean cooking, sex, romance, children education, decision etc something that is as crazy has off and on light during bed time. You see the impact of believe system goes along way in determining how you enjoy your God’s will in marriage. God will never do something for us because he gave us brain and a creative mind to make things beautiful for our taste. The vessels in marriage will determine the beauty they want in their home. Huh beauty is a product of renew mind therefore how beautiful our marriages will look is based on our believe system. For Christ sake some Christian marriage is boring and not attractive one bit though fulfilling God’s will. Please brethren God is not a task master he beautified heaven to his taste beautify your marriage to your taste. Some over spiritual (ignorant) brethren are just suffering their partner for what? This one is devil that one is demon, television is satanic property football is devil’s relative they are not romantic etc kai run for your life and tell God you don’t want such a vessel but if you don’t refuse God will agree you like it.

Note: You can reject a vessel even if God is the one that recommend it because God does not view vessel by taste rather by will. Therefore he is expecting you to give a report if you like it or not. God takes the position of a father in marriage not a man of war so you can talk with him. There are plenty of examples in scriptures to this. Marriage carries God’s will and it’s for beautification. Marriage without beautification will lead to frustration.

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God bless.

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