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The fear of broken homes is what bothers the female’s world while the males are fighting the feelings of coping with one woman throughout their life time. Neither of them was designed to function in such i.e female’s world naturally feels comfortable to share love relationship with one man while the male’s world are designed to explore everything around them. So the male’s greatest challenge is sticking with one woman, seeing same woman every day, having sex with same thing can be tiring and his feelings, energy just start dropping then finally the marriage breaks off.

It will do everyone good to understand that marriage is a system opposite to the design of humanity. It is the test of our abilities to conformity i.e ability to conform our design into different system of creation.

Therefore it is important for us to know what it takes to stick, to love each other, keeping the fire of our feelings for each other burning forever:

Be a Partner: Partnership is a type of business organization in which two or more individual’s pool money, skills and other resources and share the profit and loss in accordance with terms of the partnership agreement.

Don’t be surprise a lot of people in relationship don’t have detailed information about the career, business, family and relatives of their partner. We have business partnership for 50years even 100years yet as a female who want happy home never get concern about what your partner is doing, you have never made serious discussion on such topic rather you ask for money or talk of sickness and body pains. That’s all the guy knows you for, you aren’t part of his life with that attitude. No wonder a lot of relationship crash even before they smell marriage because all you build your courtship life on is you you you.

The young man is still growing and you never show serious concern about his prospect in life. Every guy knows a woman who truly loves him and cares about his future. When last did you tell him “I believe in you” to his face or as a text message? When last did you encourage him or tell him whether he makes profit or not you will still marry him and he will be your superman? I mean words from the depth of your heart as a female. There are ways you provoke the champion in your man to rise, there are ways you give your man full confidence in his pursuit in life. You don’t just sit and expect things to be positive in your relationship, get involve if truly you love him and not just all about yourself.

Proves of Partnership in Relationship

There is a written partnership agreement: Be sincere to yourself as a lady/guy is there anything as a prove of your commitment to each other? A lot of relationships are a burden, there is nothing that represents your values in each other’s life.

Each partner writes a cheque on the business accounts in their own right: This simply means when critical issues happens in your partner’s life can you boastfully say you are among the first three he will listen to. What kind of right do you owe in his/her life? Do you really have any?

There is a joint business account: This simply means you have agreed as a female to support whatever business or path your man takes to earn living. There is an attitude/posture a partner takes that shows or signals to the man that you believe in what he is doing even though profit has not yet come. These unspoken words or attitudes are the major productive or destructive tool in a relationship.

It is apparent to those doing business with partnership that a partnership exists: Partnership as a price tag, you cannot pay the price and not know.

Business accounts and activities are in joint names of the partners: Be sincere do you feel comfortable in sharing his identity with friends? Or you talk about him like something of no worth? How much regard do you give him when representing him? People know if you love him when they see how you bear his identity upon your shoulders. Your enthusiasm is a prove that you are a sole partner to his destiny.

Each partner makes a significant contribution to the running of the business: Where your treasure is there your heart will be. If you are making a treasurable contribution you will know because your heart (love) will never diminish nor be in doubt of his future.

The profit and loss of the partnership are shared by each other: We know a friend in the days of weakness and adversity not when everything is sweet. A lot of females don’t know the burden in the heart of their man. Mostly likely males don’t easily speak up when bother with things but they appreciate it when their partner can easily detect it and come to lighten the pressure. Unfortunately that’s when some females will be complaining he is not caring. Please learn to be sensitive if you don’t want to lose him due to internal pressure.

The business stationery reflects the existence of a partnership: This simply means when others look at your relationship they can genuinely says both of you are in a partnership relationship.

 Benefit of partnership in relationship



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