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Why you should switch to AngularJS framework

This article is focus on why you should switch to AngularJS framework. Probably you have heard of it from friends and felt like what does it mean. Here are things to know:

AngularJS is Powered by Google, is one of the latest open source framework used for developing web and cross-platform mobile apps. One of the main advantage of angularJS is the effort reduction of writing complicated codes and enables developers to build feature-rich solutions. It also assist developers to meet up with big database requirements by developing data structures on RxJS or Immutable.js. The framework is accepted globally and business leaders prefer this platform for getting custom-made web-applications as it offers endless benefits. These are the four main benefit of AngularJS:

  1. Lightweight and Faster: AngularJS is high light on Web and mobile applications and very fast due small space it takes. These simply means solutions develop with AngularJS will load faster and users experience will be fantastic while journeying on the web.
  2. Simple and Precise: AngularJS framework has smart inbuilt plugins and third party APIs that enable it to provide special solutions. It has inbuilt directories that help developers to provide tailor-made solutions.
  3. Auto Bug Fixing: AngularJS is built with a powerful feature that test written codes and fix bugs automatically. Am sure you know writing a bug free application is really a hard work probably impossible but this is what angularJS does for living.
  4. Parallel Development: AngularJS framework can easily handle dependencies as well as can be integrated with MVC architecture. It allows experts to perform faster and parallel web and application development. The MVC architecture allows experts to develop, test, and execute application quickly. This is the reason why AngularJS gets popularity over other frameworks.

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